Leave Tom Cruise alone!

Since Tom Cruise has become the public face of Scientology, he’s been widely ridiculed in the press. Then he did that thing on the Oprah Winfrey show. You know, leaping about on her sofa yelping about being in love with Katie Holmes.

Like the simple-minded residents of Springfield in The Simpsons, the general public have forgotten a legacy of fantastic films, and a friendly, down to earth red carpet manner just so they can re-imagine Cruise as a moronic, brainwashed cult member.

But come on, Cruise is a successful businessman, a great actor, and seemingly a really nice guy. And having the string of successful movies that he has, are you content to stereotype him as some kind of brainwashed idiot?

I suspect the Scientology connection has a lot to do with it. But why should Scientology be singled out as the only ludicrous religion on the planet? Really, if I was to describe Christians as idiots, there’d be a massive outcry. If I criticised Muslims as a group, I’d be a really bad person, wouldn’t I?

I think what prompted this was reading that Cruise’s latest movie is being universally panned.

I’d hate to think that because Cruise has been portrayed as a Scientologist cult member, he’s being discriminated against.I won’t ramble on. I don’t want this to become a Chris Crocker style rant. Hell, I’m not in love with the guy. I just think the public need to give him a break and remember that he’s given movie lovers a lot throughout his career.

What about you?

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