Leona Lewis & Avicii – Collide – Single review

Oh dear lord. Billed as a fresh new sound for Leona Lewis, Collide turns out to be the same fresh new sound everyone else has been playing for months. Our favourite diva has gone all dancey…but does it work?

Not particularly. Leona delivers that first verse in an almost-monotone as a circular piano riff buzzes around like an increasingly irritating insect. As a foray into dance-pop, it’s as mind-numbingly boring as reading an interview with Leona herself. After listening to an entire summer’s worth of Chris Brown, LMFAO, Kelly Rowland and that Pitbull/Jennifer Lopez collab, Collide is just dripping with dullness.

And it makes me sad to say that. I’ve been a huge fan of Leona’s since day one, but she’s been signed to Syco for five years and hasn’t shown much interest in forging her own path. As an incubator, Syco gave her two great albums and an incredibly high profile. But Leona would have benefitted from breaking out as much as a year ago and putting her head together with some serious musicians and songwriters.

All that Collide proves is that Leona will put her voice to any track that’s laid before her. And that’s frustrating, because she shouldn’t be chasing trends, she should be creating them. She really is that good. As anyone who’s heard her early studio work will confirm.

Here’s the (incredibly boring) video. Listen to those lyrics and play “spot the cliche” with them. I guess all eyes should be on Alexandra Burke, unless Uncle Simon decides to dress her up as a Jessie J clone. Oh, hold on. He’s already got one of those.

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