Leona Lewis – I Got You – Single Review

Before I begin this review, let it be remembered that I love Leona Lewis. And, for the record, I love her new single I Got You. In fact, it was the stand-out track on Leona’s Echo album for me.

I’d hoped that I Got You would get released as a single, and it gets its release on the 22 February. What’s so special about the track? Well, it’s a step away from the boring ballads Leona constantly gets given. It’s got a distinctive chorus that stands out from 80% of the other material on Echo, and while it isn’t as uptempo as Forgive Me (another personal favourite), it’s a sign that Leona’s capable of more than the standard warbling.

Still, it’s a good sign that this came out as a single instead of the turgid Stop Crying Your Heart Out. I may have waxed lyrical about this originality fail in the wake of her cover of Snow Patrol’s Run – clearly her management team were looking to repeat the trick with an Oasis tune. Yawn.

My biggest fear for Leona is that she’ll be relegated to ‘Ballad Queen’ status and become increasingly boring for the listening public. I think we all had higher hopes for Leona when she won X Factor, but despite that gorgeous, crystaline voice, Leona’s team have been letting her down. And with the shelf-life for reality TV popstars looming large, it might be a blessing in disguise if she can extricate herself from her contract and do something truly refreshing.

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  1. deedeecoal

    Hi Gerard,


    Thanks for the review, I’ve just been experiencing this so-called writer’s block writing the Top Ten chart script for my radio show. 

    In my personal opinion, this Leona Lewis’s track sounds too redudant, we’ve heard this music from her too many often. You were right about her becoming boring. Oh that’s probably one of the reasons why I got this blockage :p




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