Leona Lewis to re-release ‘Echo’. Talk about flogging a dead horse!


News has emerged that former X-Factor winner Leona Lewis is planning to re-release her sophomore album Echo before Christmas. According to The Mirrorthe singer is working with producer Dallas Austin (Gwen Stefani –Cool, Sugababes – Ugly) on tracks for a deluxe edition album of the album which will be packaged with her UK and Ireland Labyrinth Tour DVD.

The singer has had a bit of a tough time of late. Not only has Echo been met with the dreaded sophomore slump but Lewis was also recently punched in the face by a psychopath at a book signing and has just split with her childhood sweetheart of 10 years, Lou Al-Chaama. To add to all this grief, Leona had bagged herself a support slot on Christina Aguilera’s tour to promote Bionic but Christina postponed the tour indefinitely, which could either be due to having to promote for her upcoming musical movie Burlesque or poor ticket sales. Leona now no longer plans on taking her Labyrinth tour outside the UK and Ireland as she wants to be close to family and friends at this lonely time.

I think re-releasing Echo is a baaad idea. First of all, she doesn’t want to become the Queen Of Re-Releases, having already re-released her debut album Spirit. Second of all, unlike Spirit, which spawned the mega hits Bleeding LoveBetter In Time and Run, Lewis has failed to make much impact this time round. Okay, so she earned herself a #2 with Happy but that slid down the charts, quicker than you can say Eoghan Quigg and only reached that height because of her performance on The X-Factor. The second single from the project I Got You made the Top 20 but had also flopped by the next week. I’m not even sure if most people realised she released another single after Happy. What Leona should do is release the generic crowd friendly dance of Outta My Head and fully concentrate on her third album, which she is also working on.

Apparently, Simon Cowell has set a deadline that the album be released by next Summer so that she can take hold of some much needed promotion in the US when Simon invites her onto the US version of The X-Factor, which should be up and running by next year. If Le ditches the re-release, her and her team will have much more time to figure out a better way to market her sound and get those creative juices flowing.

What do you think?


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  1. dugw55

    You may be right, she is flogging a dead horse, If people in the states would have just for a moment had time for this british artist they would have realised how great her vocals are, her album was far better than mariah,s and whitney’s but shes not american is she, and thats what matters.  as usual the american artists are given the songs that make them, while leona is being let down by the media and sony and jr records that spends its millions on once again american artists. she was shy on the x factor and for some reason you lot keep making a real issue of it without even getting to know the girl. I know who i would like my daughter to grow up like, with a good heart like leona.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I agree with you. I like Leona very much. She’s naturally beautiful, has an incredible voice, she’s a great role model for young girls everywhere and I find her shyness endearing even though that mightn’t always be a good thing at live shows. I just find that the whole Echo era was managed badly. They went for the safe option of releasing a Ryan Tedder ballad which had very little hooks. I believe they should have gone with I Got You as first single because its a far catchier, more versatile ballad.

      In fairness the US did embrace her first album but its a difficult industry to crack over there and keep your head above water once you do…I don’t think Leona had the right material and with everyone embracing GaGa and more colourful performers, people gave up on Leona who just stood there and sang. Her albums may be better than Whitney and Mariah’s but they have established themselves as stars for the decades they’ve been in the industry. Plus Mariah’s latest album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel didn’t do very well at all thanks to some bad promotion.

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