‘I am an independent artist. Doing all this with the help of my amazing fans!!!’ Storm Lee

When X Factor contestants appear on our screens for the first time, it can seem as if their entire existence is right there, right then with no past and no future outside of the show. Sometimes it can be worth doing a little digging around to find out about some of the more interesting ones and Storm Lee is certainly that. Currently he’s promoting his album ‘Soulfillapopkilla’, a collection of electro pop rock tunes that put me in mind of sun drenched days and balmy nights. The album is out on i-tunes now and worth a listen. He has also brought out his second book of prose poems, ‘In Case of Emergency’.

Storm, who changed his name when he was 16 because of his love for Star Wars storm troopers (no, honestly), is pretty much self educated, having left school at 14 and moved from his native Edinburgh to Paris. He worked there as a waiter for two years, immersing himself in the bohemian culture before jetting off to New York to become an artist and musician, taking little more than a back pack, a demo tape and a few hundred dollars. Over the next few years he continued to make demos whilst appearing in clubs such as ” The Pyramid Club” ” Jackie 60″ ” Squeezebox” and Bar D’o” before wanderlust got him again and he moved to Los Angeles. There he signed with Deston Records, put on his first art exhibition and wrote the Latin Grammy nominated song ‘Lipstick’ . More recently we saw him clash with Simon Cowell on The X Factor and despite decent vocals, slick performances and some pretty nifty dance moves he didn’t reach the finals.

While I was surfing the internet recently I found footage of him working as a ‘Singing Bee’ on an American game show alongside some rather awesome country singers. Here’s a link so you can take a look. Listen to him singing at 7min 40sec and 14min 00sec .

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