Life of Riley- is it worth watching?

The Life of Riley, which stars Caroline Quentin, focuses on a family, which includes ‘Maddy’ and her son Ted and her new husband Jim and his two children Katie and Danny and their daughter together Rosie. Now in it’s third series, is it worth watching?

Most of you might not of heard of this sitcom which was overlooked when first shown in 2009 and was hidden originally on Thursdays at 8pm. The first series introduced us to the family and showed us the crazy going on’s in this dysfunctional. The third series is now shown on Wednesday’s at 8.30pm and has a more prime spot.

This funny little sitcom was given bad press when it originally started but now the sitcom is on it’s third series and I think the family are quite funny and it’s definitely worth a watch.

The idea has obviously been done before with other programmes such as My Family focusing on the tribulations of their life. But this sitcom shows a more modern family with two people who have previous marriages making it work with all their children. The little storylines are often hilarious and the different ages of the children from the baby to the teenagers all work nicely together.

The latest series started with a corker focusing on Maddy’s mother remarrying and her disgust at this. This was a great episode and also the second episode focusing on the neighbours was also quite funny and I think this little series is definitely getting stronger and stronger after the initial criticism.

I think that Caroline Quentin makes the series fun and she provides a few laughs. So I urge people to give it a chance and not miss this series.

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