Listen to Brandon Flowers’ new single ‘Crossfire’

As many of you are aware, The Killers are on hiatus at the minute, giving frontman Brandon Flowers a stab at solo stardom. His debut solo single Crossfire can be listened to below:None of your business. by TPBSecretLeaks

This isn’t much of a departure from The Killers sound so Flowers embarking on a solo career isn’t a prospect that excites me much. This is very adult contemporary pop rock, that is reminiscent of some of the tracks from The Killers Day & Age album, but with more emphasis on Flowers’ vocals and lyrics than on instrumentation. One of the good points about this song is Brandon’s distinctive vocals – they are very good, I especially like the falsetto that comes about during the  “Let nobody down” refrain. I want another Mr. Brightside though or for Flowers to play things a little less safe. Brandon Flowers’ debut album Flamingo will be released this September.

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