Listen to Lazy Grafters’ new song I’m Chillin

Professional slackers Ayhay and Capital J (aka Lazy Grafters) have a new song on their YouTube channel, I’m Chillin’.

If you’ve caught last year’s brilliant Click Click, you’re bound to love two scruffy dudes sitting around in dressing gowns playing X Box all day. If you’re gainfully employed, you might not be just so happy that they’re subsidised by your tax money!

The video for I’m Chillin’ was shot by Shimmer Films (Who’s worked with N-Dubz, D12, Eminem, etc ) and directed by Noam Piper & Fouad Gaber. The concepts about being broke, playing xbox all day and spending tax payers hard earned cash …overall being LAZY! Here it is…

It would be criminal not to include the rather brilliant Click Click – this is a perfect tune about spending all day online. From a slacker perspective, obviously. Love it.

More Lazy Grafters stuff available on AyHay’s channel on YouTube. You can also fan them on Facebook too.

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