Little Boots corrects the tabloid press via Twitter

Little Boots

Up and coming British pop artiste, Little Boots has corrected a claim in The Sun newspaper that she slammed Leona Lewis for having no personality. The newspaper ran a story in which she supposedly said:

Surely having ‘The X Factor’ is somebody with amazing talent and personality. You look at Leona Lewis and she’s got an incredible voice but I don’t see anything else.

Everyone on that show goes crazy when someone manages to hit a high note. It’s so one-dimensional.

And, like any modern celebrity worth her salt, she set the story straight via Twitter, tweeting the following statement:

would like to point out i did NOT say anything mean about leona! bleeding love is a CHOOOON!!

I’m a firm believer in the power of blogs and new media: people in the public eye can now call out the press when an article is misleading or incorrect or just damn made-up! Lily Allen and Katy Perry have been especially good at using social media to tell their side of stories that have been run in the press. It’s good to see a rising star like Little Boots giving her fans the straight dope via the internet.

* Apologies for the use of the phrase ‘straight dope’.

To keep up with Little Boots on Twitter, follow her here.

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