LIVE BLOG: Dancing on Ice Week Three : The Results

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Welcome to the second part of this evening’s live updates. Earlier, we took you through the live updates for the main show and now, we’re providing unprecedented updates on the results show.

Earlier this evening, we saw Kerry and Daniel were at the bottom of the leader board with a measly 10 points, with Comedy Dave and Frankie not too far behind with 11 points however, at the other end of the leader board was Sam and Brianne with 26 points. Does this mean Kerry and Comedy Dave will be in the bottom two? We’ll have to wait and see.

Live Updates


9:35pm – Welcome back, to Dancing on Ice! “Earlier these 10 couples performed for your votes, the lines have closed. This is Dancing on Ice : The skate off”

9:36pm – Recap of tonight’s performances.

9:41pm – Robin says that the step sequence has changed the competition enormously, it separates those who can and can’t skate. Jason says he would like to apologise to Karen, he feels he overstepped the mark, however, Karen doesn’t want to hear.

9:43pm – The first couple safe and skating next week is Sam and Brianne

9:44pm – The second couple safe is Jeff and Isabelle

9:44pm – The third couple safe is Kerry and Daniel

9:44pm – The fourth couple safe is Laura and Colin

9:44pm – The fifth couple skating next week is Comedy Dave and Frankie

9:45pm – The sixth couple safe and skating next week is Chloe and Michael

9:45pm – The seventh couple safe is Denise and Matt

9:45pm – The eighth couple safe is Johnson and Jodeyne

9:46pm – Vanilla Ice and Jennifer are in the skate off!


9:51pm – Chris says Jennifer has to perform the routine like she did before, with confidence.

First to skate is Jennifer and Silvain

9:54pm – A steady performance from Jennifer.

9:54pm – Chris thinks this performance was better than the one she did before.

Next to skate is Vanilla Ice and Katie.

9:57pm – A steady performance from Vanilla Ice too.

9:57pm – Vanilla Ice says this is where he is, there’s nothing he can do about it at the end of the day.

9:58pm – Jason chooses to save Vanilla Ice

9:59pm – Robin chooses to save Vanilla Ice

9:59pm – Emma chooses to save Vanilla Ice

9:59pm – That means Jennifer is unfortunately going home with 3 votes to 0 to Vanilla Ice.

22:00 – That is it for tonight’s show, it has been very eventful. Thank you for joining me with this week’s updates, it has been a pleasure. 


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