LIVE BLOG: Dancing on Ice Week Three

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Welcome to this evening’s Live Updates for Dancing on Ice! We’ll be here all the way throughout tonight’s two shows with unprecedented updates.

The competition really will be hotting up this week as for the next three weeks the celebrities will have their skills put to the test.


6:15pm – We’re just 20 minutes away from tonight’s show. Is everyone ready?

6:32pm – Just a few minutes to go now. I hope you’re all sat back with your feet up. Who are you looking forward to seeing skate this evening? Let us know!


6:33pm – Roll Titles! “12 made it through to the competition, 10 survived this week they are skating in Vegas and the stakes just got higher, who will hit the jackpot and who’s down?”

6:35pm – Torvill and Dean are opening the show, skating with the professional stars.

6:38pm – Holly and Phil are welcomed to the show! Tonight we’re having fun in Vegas, but, it’s not too fun on ice as it’s the introduction of something new this week.  Some old friends have been invited back to demonstrate the new skills the celebrities will have to learn. 

6:40pm Chris says that the skills tests will pick out the real skaters and at the end, they hope they are left with the best skaters. This week is the steps sequence skill.

6:41pm The celebrities are welcomed to the ice!


6:48pm – We’re back! Time to see our first couple skate.

Jennifer and Sylvain are first up!

16:49pm – They have to do a side by side skate sequence. Jennifer says that this week will prove whether you can skate or not. She also says she is very Anxious. If she is going to do well in this competition she has to master these next few weeks.

6:51pm – The pair are skating to “If I could Turn Back Time”

6:52pm – Really steady performance so far, doing very well.

6:53pm – Their performance consisted of a cannon lift, followed by their step sequence, penguin steps then the table top lift. They get 6.0 of Jason, 7.0 of Robin and 6.0 off Emma which gives them a total of 19.

6:54pm – Jennifer said she thought she would have found it hard to skate on her own and Chris says she is part of the front running group. It’s all a mind game, she can do these things. Jason says his criticism is that there wasn’t enough emotion. Robin says she did really well at the beginning of the routine, during the middle of the performance it became tense and then stuck to the end.


7:00pm – Welcome back to Dancing on Ice, the Las Vegas special.

Jeff and Isabelle are next

7:01pm – Jeff said being in the ice pick last week was easier than he thought as he had no decisions to make. He says he feels like he is one performance away from really arriving in the competition. Chris says Jeff has the technical skills but he needs to work on his skating.

7:03pm – Jeff and Isabelle are skating to “It’s not Unusual” by Tom Jones.

7:04pm – A nice performance this week. No falls which is a good thing!

7:05pm – Their performance consisted of the step sequence, penguin steps, twizzles, back roll up. Scores are 5.5 from Jason, 7.5 from Robin, 7.0 from Emma which gives him 20.

7:06pm – Jeff says he wasn’t worried about the step sequence and he made it around without falling. 

7:07pm – Robin says that it was quality basic skills, used in the right way at the right time, worked with his partner well and was in control all the way through. Emma says it was smouldering, he was strong, confident and he is such a warm person. Jason says he is noticing an improvement in his skating and his partnering. He has to watch his upper strength and match his partner in future.

Laura and Colin are to skate next.

7:08pm – Chris says there’s some people that can’t do the steps but Laura can. Laura says the spiral lift this week is a big challenge for them both. She adds that she wants her and Colin to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

7:10pm – The pair are skating to “It’s all coming back to me now”

7:12pm – A nice, smooth and gentle performance from them, but there was a little slip from Laura, however, she recovered. Will she be at the top of the leaderboard this week?

7:12pm – Their performance consisted of the step sequence, spiral lift and a necklace spin. Scores are 8.5 from Jason, 8.0 from Robin, 7.5 from Emma, total of 24.

7:13pm – Laura says she is surprised at the scores because of the little stumble that she had.

7:14pm – Jason says that they moved him tonight, it was a beautiful performance, there was a stumble but everything else was perfect. He loved it. Emma says whatever gets thrown at the pair, they take on board and do it. They never lose the mood or the character, and their performances are brilliant. Robin says that they are going to another level tonight and it would have been 8.5 from him if she didn’t slip.


7:20pm – We’re back!

Denise and Matt are next!

7:20pm – Denise she was disappointed with the judges marking, she felt she skated well and she is lucky to still be in. Denise says she is terrified of skating on her own and without Matt there is’ll be worrying.

7:23pm – In dress rehearsal Denise was struggling with the stepsequence but she definitely pulled it off now.

7:24pm – Their performance consisted off the step sequence, shuffle, climbing show girl, bunny hops. Scores are, 4.5 from Jason, 4.5 from Robin and 4.5 from Emma gives a total of 13.5

7:35pm – Emma says that it was a cute routine and she is happy they got through the step sequence. Jason says he knows he has given them a hard time, and tonight she has started to show him the Denise she really is.

Comedy Dave and Frankie are up next!

7:27pm – Dave says that this week he has to show he can properly skate. Chris adds that Dave needs to concentrate. Dave says he is shattered, his back is hurting but there’s a lot to learn. 

7:29pm – The pair are skating to “release me”

7:30pm – Oh no! A fall from Frankie!

7:31pm – Their performance consisted of the step sequence, stop drop and roll and finally the slip and overlift. scores at 3.0 from Jason, 4.0 from Emma and Robin which gives him 11.0

7:33pm – Robin says that it was smoke and mirrors last week as there was no steps, but there was some this week. It’s as though there’s a coat-hanger stuck in his shoulders sometimes. Emma says that she agrees with the same thing.


7:39pm – We’re back! Welcome back to Dancing on Ice the vegas special.

Vanilla Ice and Katie are up next

7:40pm – Vanilla Ice and Katie are skating to Elvis tonight! Blue suede shoes!

7:43pm – A nice performance from Vanilla Ice but there was a little slip in the middle. Their performance consisted of, the step sequence, 5.5 from Jason, 5.0 from Robin, Emma 5.5 and 16 in total.

7:46pm – The judges agree that he has done well but needs to pick up on his skating. Jason says he needs to stop the “silly miming”.

Johnson Beharry VC and Jodeyne is next up.

7:51pm – A nice performance from Johnson. Their performance consisted of barrel rolls, twizzle. Scores are 4.0 from all judges which gives a total of 12.

7:53pm – Jason says has Johnson improved? He says he isn’t seeing enough. He says his performance is “not bad” but it needs to be better than that. Karen says that every week the performance is improving and he is making progress every week. An argument erupting between Karen and Jason!


8:00pm – Welcome back!

Sam and Brianne are up next

8:01pm – Sam says every week people are getting better and better so to stay at the top of the leader board he needs to improve every week.

8:02pm – The pair are skating to “I get a kick out of you”

8:04pm – A really, really good performance from Sam. The performance included the step sequence, step up lift, arch float lift. Scores at 8.5 from all of the judges which gives 25 in total.

8:06pm – Emma says Brainne is a very lucky lady and the pair are strong together and she can see them getting scores of 10 very soon. Jason says they are progressing and refining every week however, in the final float spin his shoulders were coming up, he needed to relax. Robin says it’s good to see him committed, tiny minute details, sort the little details out and it’ll be a 10.

Kerry and Daniel are up next

8:08pm – Kerry said she should have been in the skate off, she deserved to be and she isn’t enjoying the experience anymore. They’re skating to “Woman in Love”

8:11pm – A nice, flowing performance from Kerry. Their routine consisted of the step sequence, 3 turn sequence, flying sequence. Scores are 3.0 from Jason, 3.5 from Robin 3.5 from Emma with a total of 10.

8:14pm – Robin says that there is potential, but at the moment, it’s not strong enough. Emma says she looks very nice tonight and the step sequence has exposed her tonight. The other skaters seem to be so far ahead of her now. Jason says that from the start of the performance, she was so concerned about the step sequence and her skating isn’t on par with the other skaters.


8:20pm – Welcome back to Dancing on Ice.

Chloe and Michael are up next

8:21pm – Chloe is finding it pressuring this week as she is really good, Chris and Jane have based the whole sequence around steps.

8:22pm – Chris and Jane also skated to this song many years ago.

8:23pm – routine consisted of rock and roll lift, step sequence, lots of footwork, scores are 7.0 from Jason, 7.5 from Emma and Robin which gives a total of 22.

8:26pm – Jason says he enjoyed her performances before, but tonight, it was a bit technically advanced. Emma says she is glad Chris and Jane are pushing her as she has the potential – she is doing amazing things. Robin says a routine like this makes her think about everything and this makes it hard but she really pulled it off.

8:28pm – Sam and Brainne are at the top of the leader-board with Kerry and Daniel at the bottom.


We’ll be back to cover the results show after Wild at Heart.

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