Liveblog: Must Be The Music, Week 2 – 22 August 2010

Dizzee, Spiteri and Cullum are back for another action-packed double episode of Must Be The Music. And we’re liveblogging it! Live! But don’t worry, we’ll cut out all the dross and just talk about the acts that matter.

The Legion of Many – The lead singer looks like he’s ready to stick his tongue down Fearne Cotton’s throat, and like he’s channelling Adam Ant, but we’ll forgive that. There’s a load of them, and they’ve got a great funky sound, lots of feathers and an abundance of makeup. They can be a little rough around the edges – the backing singers in particular need work.

They get two yeses from Dizzee and Jamie. Sharleen told them it sounded “like an absolute noise”, but Dizzee says he could see them at Wembley. I agree with Sharleen, but I think they could polish the act up a little bit. 6/10

Ashleigh Ashley??? – A girl who has the same first and second name. Blame the parents. Ashleigh is aiming for an R&B flavour with an original track, but she’s got some tuning issues that spoil the song a little. Decent voice though. But shockingly, all the judges turn her down. 4/10

Dizzee points to the out of tune singing, Jamie says he couldn’t distinguish between verse and chorus. Sharleen politely declines to hear another song.

The CK Gospel Choir – A sixteen piece gospel choir, who are almost too big for the stage. They tease a smile out of Sharleen Spiteri, and all the audience are on their feet. This is good stuff. Dizzee’s on his feet too. And three yeses from the judges. 9/10

The Pictures – Velvet jacket wearing Johnny and his bandmates take the stage. Oh, these guys are tight. Good, original song. Again, room for improvement there, but these guys could easily be a chart act. Jamie declines, but Sharleen and Dizzee say yes.

Jamie thinks they’re a bit soundalike of The Killers, but Dizzee thinks they’re the best band they’ve seen so far. 9/10

There’s a flurry of bands up next, and all of them get through. It looks like the semi’s could be an interesting thing if there are some real musicians going through.

Catherine Wright – Cute piano girl who brings her dad along. I’m charmed by this. And she’s clearly very good – she plays a classical piece first, then drops in a reinterpretation of Dizzee’s Holiday and Jamie’s Everlasting Love. Smart girl, flatter the judges. Will it work? Of course it does! Both judges send her through. 8/10

* Sorry, round this point, torrential rain is affecting my Sky reception. I may miss a few good acts as a result.

Kingz of Vocals – These guys show up hoping to impress Dizzee, but end up being sent home with a flea in their ears. They’re trying hard, but sound like a bunch of chanting yobs rather than a proper rap group.

I caught the tail end of a rap act – Silvar – who gave a very earnest and quite authentically ‘street’ performance dedicated to his parents. Quite touching, and it impressed the judges enough to send him through. Some wags on Twitter though thought it was a tad self-indulgent…which may have been a little bit valid.

Second episode

Yeah, that’s right, this is a two-part episode, so from here on is the second hour. More auditions and the shortlisting process.

Callum Beattie – Perhaps one of the first straight singer/songwriter entrants I’ve seen on the show. He talks about hoping he’ll break out of Tesco someday and end up on stage at Glastonbury. He sings an original piece and plays guitar. It’s alright. Bit ‘meh’. But Jamie and Dizzee send him on through. Dizzee explains that it sounded like an anthem to him. Jamie calls him a “natural songwriter”, but Sharleen nitpicks that he tensed up and it affected his rhythm.

The Houndogs – A rockabilly band of brothers who wow the crowd with their own composition. I’m not entirely sure about the image – all denim and teddy boy quiffs, but the music speaks for itself. Brilliant showmanship too. All the judges send them through.

Passionata – Four sets of lovely legs are up next. They’re an operatic group, and thankfully being sexy isn’t their only talent. Pair these girls up with Escala and that would be some tour, wouldn’t it? Jamie and Dizzee send the ladies through. Sharleen says they didn’t bring anything new to the table.

We get a Dizzee Rascal pervy montage next. I love how Dizzee calls all the girls “man”.

Andrew Carleton – Accidental guitarist Andrew performs a version of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley on an out of tune guitar. Sharleen’s jaw has hit the ground, just before Andrew mauls the chorus, attacking it with tuneless gusto. Woeful. Dire. Diabolical. Three no’s. The judges believe that he’s joking…until he tells Sharleen he’s only been playing for two months. Dizzee tells him “I never want to see you again.”

Toxic Funk Berry – A trio who believe they’ve created a fresh, unique sound. We’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? Oh. It’s electronic, filled with squeaky sound effects, but it’s soooo musical at the same time. Think Pendulum, but higher pitched. Fun stuff. Three yeses from the judges. Sharleen loves their interaction with each other on stage.

Kyle – A pianist with synaesthesia, Kyle ‘sees’ sounds (or something like that). He gives a dramatic performance on piano, but it’s awfully short. It’s an original composition, too. I could have listened for a bit longer. Three yeses from the judges. Dizzee calls him a genius.

Ebony Steel Band – Yep, a steel drum ensemble who do a brilliant version of Ain’t Nobody. This is just great fun, like a lot of the stuff we’ve heard tonight. A really tight funky number and the whole band are just into it. The judges are too, and they give three yeses. Jamie compliments their great musicianship and Sharleen praises their love of the music.

That’s it for the episode recap, folks. Coming next – meet the Must Be The Music finalists!

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