LP coverLong Tall Shorty are a British Mod/power pop band. They were formed at school in 1978 by Tony Perfect and Keith Mono & soon became the darlings of the Mod Revival movement, LTS were signed up by Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) and released their 1st single “By Your Love/1970’s Boy” on Warner Brothers, which incidentally is now worth £150, if you can find one of course. An LP was recorded for Warner’s but not released, it has since been released on CD on the Captain Mod label, due to public demand. They gigged constantly in the late 70’s and early 80’s, with a long running residency at The famous Marquee club in London & an infamous appearance at the Reading Festival in 1981, Girlschool thought it was smashing though!!. Keith & Tony left the band not long after & Tony went on to join the Angelic Upstarts, writing several of their well known and successful songs and touring the U.S. extensively as Tony Feedback. LTS fizzled out after that and ceased to be in the mid 80’s. Tony breathed life back into LTS & Tony Perfect again in 2000 because the kids demanded it. The double ‘hits’ LP “Completely Perfect” came out on Detour Records in 2001 and is still selling well today. A new album “A Bird in the Hand” on Acid Jazz came out in 2002. After a complete change of direction, the power chords were gone and the 60’s R&B sound of wailing, in a good way, harp and slick guitar licks were in and the CD “Women and Trouble” was recorded and released in 2005 on Biff Bang Pow records to critical acclaim. Having travelled the R&B route for a year or so the line up changed once more and the volume on the amps were “turned up to 11” again. Now in 2009, from the first drum beat of a set opener like “And That Ain’t All” Shorty hits you right between the eyes, gives you a big bear hug and doesn’t let go until the last guitar chord of the last song, maybe the ever popular “Win or Lose”.

New LP The Sound of Giffer City is out now and available from www.longtallshorty.moonfruit.co.uk

and you can download it from Amazon, Itunes among others..



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