Lost Girl – Fae Day (S01E09) – Episode review

Lost Girl continues to develop its own sharp witted dynamics amidst a rotating catalogue of Fae creatures. This week, it’s a banshee storyline that leads to Bo frantically trying to heal a family rift in order to save the victim’s life.

It’s fine at this stage to run with a Fae-of-the-week storyline – Bo’s being inducted into this world as much as we are, so this actually works well to show us the diversity of characters that we’re going to meet in this brand new underworld. However, as the series grows, I fully expect this to settle into something slightly less formulaic. Recurring villains, returning to species of the Fae that we’ve seen before but with a slightly different treatment, might prevent the show from trying itself into knots trying to invent new magical creatures for Bo to play off against.

Nevertheless, Bo and Kenzi keep things interesting – Bo with her delving into Fae lore and the laws of the Blood King, Kenzi with her street smarts but intense vulnerability. Naturally Kenzi falls for the Fae that the banshee wailed for, so there wasn’t going to be a happy ending there, but that’s OK. In the short space of time that they spent together, it was clear that Kenzi was becoming attached, and Ksenia Solo did a great job of playing the crumpled, beaten-down Kenzi at the end.

And Bo continues to learn much, but her amateur status is reinforced when she half-reads a Fae negotiation technique and ends up offering up her own life if the mediation fails! Of course, we know that there’s a lot more that Dyson and Trick are keeping from her – including the fact that Trick is the Blood King. Which means that he’s very ancient and very powerful, right? I’d still crack him open to find out his secrets though!

Just putting it out there: Do you think Trick is Bo’s father? Or a relative of some kind?

I’m continuing to love the dynamic between Bo and Kenzi, which makes this show worth tuning in for alone. The chemistry with Bo and Dyson just isn’t convincing enough for me though and many of the lesser characters don’t hold much spark either. Still, it may be early enough in the season for that to be overcome.

Lost Girl has the potential to be quite a good fantasy drama, so I won’t write it off just yet. Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo continue to be a great pairing and the bisexual love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson is cutting edge stuff. I’m just keen to see more…chemistry across the whole of the show.

What do you guys think?

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