Lost Girl – Food For Thought (or Foot Soup) – Episode review

After taking a break from Lost Girl for a couple of episodes, I decided to jump back on and catch the latest episode, Food For Thought.

The cast of this show seem to be meshing nicely after just a handful of episodes. Already we have Bo (Anna Silk) gradually gaining control of her powers, and the supernatural community – judging from this episode – seems to have taken Bo’s sidekick Kenzi under their wing.

What happens in Food For Thought is quite gross: a supernatural creature called an Aswang makes herself a broth from a dead person’s foot. But something in that foot is poisoned and the lady starts bleeding from her eyes. Doctor Lauren gets called along to check the woman out, and Bo and Kenzi tag along. But while Bo and Lauren are visiting with the patient, Kenzi helps herself to the Aswang’s foot soup.

It’s not long before Kenzi becomes ill and from then it’s a race against time to find a cure before the poison kills her. I’m going to skim over the details, because what’s endearing here is how the supernaturals rally round Kenzi. Dyson in particular tracks her down to a graveyard and is very comforting to her, all while Kenzi asks him to look after Bo if she dies. Even if it means staying away from her.

Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren work together to establish what caused the body to become poisonous in the first place. And Bo discovers that she can control her succubus powers and avoid killing humans. Of course, it may have helped that the man she kissed was gay! A hilarious scene in the midst of the episode where this gay guard is baffled as to why he’s aroused by the woman who’s making advances to him!

Lost Girl continues to have great chemistry between the lead characters, and I love the wisecracking between Bo and Kenzi. I already think of Kenzi as a more fragile Willow-from-Buffy type of character, although clearly she has skills of her own! Now that I’ve caught this episode, I might tune in a bit more regularly. I get the feeling that the show’s stuck on an episodic ‘fae of the week’ format that could be improved, but I’ll watch more before I feel qualified to talk more about what’s working in the series and what’s not.

PS: Kudos to Midnight Island, who have a lovely recap of this episode, complete with screen grabs from which I took my header image!

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