Lost Girl Season 2 premiere – Something Wicked This Fae Comes – Episode review

A satisfying return for Canadian supernatural series Lost Girl last night. Picking up a few weeks after the season finale, we see Bo, Trick, Lauren and Kenzi struggling to contain the nightmarish dark Fae that were unleashed during that last battle.

Everything that we love about the show is back in abundance – angst between Bo and Dyson, mild longing moments between Bo and Lauren, Kenzi wisecracking with every other sentence she utters and Trick knowing far more that he ever tells anybody else.

Something Wicked This Fae Comes (nice that they’re still shoe-horning in “Fae” in the episode titles, by the way) felt like a mid-season episode in many regards – there wasn’t much in the way of high drama until the closing minutes, when Bo was warned of a dark evil presence heading her way. Even the background – the Ash in a coma and the Fae world on the brink of war – didn’t convey quite the sense of doom that you might have wanted from this episode. Even that warning at the end felt tacked on.

Of course, that may have to do with the fact that Season 1 ended quite cleanly – there was no guarantee of a second season. And now Lost Girl has a full 22 episode season, they may have to build the tension again.

On the plus side, Lost Girl has a quirky collection of main characters, all of whom have excellent chemistry. There are bigger, more mainstream shows that could learn lessons from how the characters on this show are drawn. Even when the story is predictably “Fae of the Week”, it’s still fun to watch these guys interact, bickering and sniping, but ultimately looking out for each other.

And of course, we now have the mystery of whether Bo and Dyson will be able to turn around his curse (he sacrificed his love for Bo to save her). This could go two ways: they predictably reverse the curse and bicker happily ever after. Or, Bo and Lauren could become closer as Dyson continues to be indifferent. An intimite lesbian relationship would be interesting to watch, and they could also ‘fix’ Dyson later, complicating the relationship by making Bo choose between them. How would you like to see that play out?

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