Love & Other Drugs: Jake Gyllenhaal is uncomfortable with naked scenes!

Jake Gyllenhaal is an “old hand” at getting naked on-screen.

The ‘Love & Other Drugs’ star – who strips off for his latest role alongside actress Anne Hathaway – explained while nudity can be “uncomfortable” at times, he’s already done so many “crazy” things throughout his career he is now used to it.

He explained: “It’s uncomfortable when you’re naked on set, but I do feel like an old hand at it at this point. I’ve done some pretty crazy things already. My parents taught me to feel comfortable about my body. They told me there’s a beauty in whatever you are.

“Also, I feel it’s very important to portray love and sex in the right way. Besides, in our case, we’d already had faux movie sex in ‘Brokeback Mountain’. So we were relatively comfortable.”

Jake also admitted the untimely death of his ‘Brokeback Mountain’ co-star Heath Ledger is something which affected him a great deal.

He added to Live magazine: “I do miss him. There was an intimacy that we all shared on that film – I’d never experienced anything like it. It was just us by this river in Calgary for a month, in the middle of nowhere.

“There were no hotels to stay in so we lived in trailers out there in the wilds. We would make coffee together in the morning, eat together and sometimes we’d ride horses to work. We were out there alone and all we had was each other.”

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