Mad Magazine comes to cartoon network – check out the first episode!

I’ve just caught the fantastic first two episodes of Mad, the cartoon version of the ever popular, irreverent magazine. The series plays out exactly like a comic, with little skits and longer sequences that take on typical geek subject matter.

You could accuse the show of picking off the low-hanging fruit – it has a Star Wars spoof, plays around with the Transformers format – Optimus Prime as sponging dosser/Transformers who didn’t make the cut. They mercilessly take the piss out of Cameron’s latest blockbuster with their own Avaturd, featuring other blue-coloured characters: Papa Smurf and Grover.

A personal favourite, since our family are avid watchers of iCarly, was their mash-up. Tellingly called CSiCarly, it pitted Carly, Sam and Freddy up against the CSI gang. It was fun to watch the attention-deficit teenagers getting in the way and then solving the ‘murder’ by default right at the end.

I found the first episode on YouTube, so have a look and let me know what you think.

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