Mademoiselle Robot releases “My Crushes Book”

My Crushes Book

I love it when guerilla bloggers cross over into traditional media and become successful in the mainstream. That’s what fashion blogger Mademoiselle Robot – aka Laëtitia Wajnapel – has done. She’s published a book celebrating two years of blogging, featuring interviews and photos of actors, musicians and othercreative types she’s encountered along the way.

It looks like a quirky and interesting book, and here’s a bit more of what Laëtitia has to say about it –

To celebrate the second anniversary of my blog (, I has been working on a book compiling interviews I have done since november 2007.

In the past two years, I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful people who have been a constant inspiration to me. I have interviewed artists, actors, musicians, fashion designers, celebrities, muses, always aiming to get the most accurate and most intimate portrait of them.

The result is a highly visual 62 pages book printed on silky paper with intimate musings from cute boys and girls such as: Matthew Gray Gubler (actor), Steve Damstra (musician), Minna Parikka (designer), Wendy Brandes (designer), Leon Bailey-Green (you know him!), Gala Darling (blogger) and many, many more!

You can purchase the book online via Blurb at

The book can be previewed online at the above link, so you can have a flick through the pages before you decide to buy. I must say, it looks fun, colorful and stylish – oh, and don’t forget to check out Mademoiselle Robot’s fashion and lifestyle blog for more of the same!

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