Makosi evicted from Ultimate Big Brother

Makosi’s the first Ultimate Housemate to get booted out of Ultimate Big Brother. Speaking for myself, I’ve loved her. But mostly on a physical level to be honest. Beyond that awesome figure, Makosi managed to annoy virtually all of the viewership.

Was she a total fake or not? In tonight’s recap show, we saw her talking to Anthony Hutton (did anyone else think he’d chubbed out a bit?) about the jacuzzi incident in which she always claimed that they had sex. However, she quickly backed down when Hutton claimed they didn’t have sex, but that he did use his fingers. Too much information, I know. But she’d been claiming they’d had sex in the pool for years and suddenly accepted Anthony’s explanation.

What’s actually quite strange about that story is that Makosi claimed that the whole incident had forced her out of her country and caused tension with her family. But she stuck to the sex story while Hutton always claimed otherwise. So, why didn’t she simply agree with him and save herself all the bother? It strikes me that Makosi was courting the controversy.

Now…besides all of that, Makosi got grilled about her decision to shower in full view of the cameras. She claimed that the bathroom was filthy and that her decision to shower in the garden was for that reason – not for rampant exhibitionism. Not that I’m complaining. Makosi has quite a watchable figure.

In her exit interview with Davina McCall, Makosi took some heat for her assertion that Paul McKenna was the second coming. But Davina didn’t give her a hard time – she famously gave Makosi a very hostile exit interview after her original time on the show. Tonight, she hugged Makosi and told her she was a great housemate.

Though Davina did correct Makosi’s pronunciation of Ulrika Jonsson’s name. Makosi had annoyingly been calling her Urika, dropping the “L” from her name.

And then off she went…I think Makosi’s one of those housemates where you can never quite tell if she’s faking her eccentricities or if she’s genuinely that bonkers. I don’t think we’ll ever really know. What’s your take?

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