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Can anyone tell me if theyv’e been contacted yet by the x factor crew if they gt to the 3rd round in the x factor,,, i’m in a band and we gt thru to the 3rd round but we haven’t recieved a phone call or letter yer :S

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  1. Anonymous

    To my knowledge there has been a phonecall today from the XF Team to a member on the Unreality forum and the call backs to Manchester will be 3rd and 4th July

  2. celia s

    I am still waiting for my phone call even though Ive heard the auditions are happening 3rd/4th/5th july 2009.

    I feel totally gutted.

    any 1 else been stuffed???

    1. Alicia

      Heyyy,,, we were contacted on monday afternoon to be told we’re through to the auditions in front of the judges and audience… Over the moonnn but onli had 6 days to prepare 4 songs,,, 3 with backing track and 1 acapella… We’r in manchester on sunday so fingers crossed things go welll 🙂

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