Marge Simpson to become a Playboy covergirl!

It’s the thing we talk least about here on Unreality Shout – cartoon fantasies. Well, the news that Marge Simpson is doing a three-page spread for Playboy should be welcome news for the legions of fanboys who secretly lust after the blue-haired sexpot.

Hugh Hefner broke the news on Twitter that Marge “has a surprise for her fans in the November issue of Playboy“, and other online sources confirm that Playboy is doing the cover to commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons. And while Marge may have been knocking about since I was a kid, I’ve kind of had a thing for her, despite that unfashionable blue beehive. When Marge Simpson lets her hair down, she can look quite sexy.

Now, while I seek psychiatric help, here’s the lowdown on Mrs Simpson’s appearance in Playboy:

We now can tell you that the Simpson matriarch will be featured in a three-page pictorial complete with an interview and a data sheet to mark The Simpsons‘ 20th anniversary.

But if naked blue-haired cartoons aren’t your forté, don’t worry. Marge will not—we repeat, will not—be replacing the usual real-life human Playmate in the issue.

Sales of the November issue are going to go through the roof! Anyone else want to admit to a Marge fetish?

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