Mariah Carey: I Want To Know What Love Is video

Mariah Carey’s I Wanna Know What Love Is, a cover of the 1984 Foreigner shmaltz classic, premiered online today. It is the second single to be taken from her 11th LP Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. Sadly for Mariah, who seems to be having a hard time with the promotion of this album and the charting of her singles, the Hype Williams directed video is one hot mess! Because I agree with The Prophet Blog on practically everything they said, I thought I would quote their hillarious breakdown of the video.

0:07 – Camera zooms into a computer generated stadium that looks  like it’s from the Sim City video game.

0:27 – Mariah, complete with her 90’s curls, stands in the middle of a butterfly to remind everybody of the “classic Mariah”.

0: 39 – The audience sway back and forth like a group of hypnotised zombies entranced by Mariah’s powerful performance.

0:45 – A gay couple embrace.

0:58 – The camera zooms in on a feeble young woman in a wheelchair as Mariah sings “In my life, there’s been heartache and pain…”

1:09 – The gay couple gaze proudly at Mariah.

1:18 – A sinister looking child stares up to his father, and then into the camera. His eyes have no soul.

1:41 – More fathers and their young sons look lovingly at one another.

1:55 – A lonely looking security guard searches for love. And fails.

2:08 – The wheelchair bound young woman returns at the exact same moment as last time. “In my life, there’s been heartache and pain…”

2:18 – A middle-aged mother who looks like she’s on welfare tears up and rests her hand on her heart, swaying in unison with her two grown daughters.

2:42 Everybody starts smiling and is filled with hope as Mariah sings the chorus.

3:00 – A gospel choir are magically cut and pasted into the video behind Mariah. The stadium still looks like it’s from Sim City, as does the grass.

3:25 – Everybody is happy. Mariah has saved the day.

In other words the video is smhaltzy, contrived and incredibly poor on CGI.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    What? It looks like Mariah, but where’s the gratuitous cleavage shots and the pointless bra-and-panties scenes?

    You know, I was all about to criticise the song, but it’s clearly not the worst thing about this – well, until the gospel choir comes on to sing the song out, that is. On one hand, a very welcome return to ‘classic Mariah’ as you said, but possibly too little too late! A good song to cover, but the key change had me cringing.

    1. RandomEnigma

      Yes, it looks like the classic Mariah of the 1990s. Even notice how her old curls are back intact. Yup, it is sort of refreshing to see that she’s not lying around on a beach stroking herself…she’s reserved that for her next single H.A.T.E.U.. I think the woman needs to change her style. She’s well pushing 40 and much too old for pointless bra and panty sequences! I quite like this cover but agree with you on the cringiness of it too. An awful video.

      1. Gerard McGarry

        LOL, I have to agree about Mariah. I may be showing my age here, but I remember when she came out with Vision Of Love, and she looked pretty and quite cute. I didn’t mind her showing her sexy side, but she started to take it too far – there’s confidence and then there’s slightly disgusting.

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