Marina And The Diamonds – Oh No! – Single review

After the frankly horrible I Am Not A Robot, Marina Diamandis returns with something more along the lines of the fabulous Hollywood. The next single from her Family Jewels album is Oh No!.

Oh No! is such a fun track, sung in a gloriously mock-operatic style. The lyrics are secondary, but every now and then a soundbyte like “TV taught me how to feel/Now real life has no appeal” will float past your ears and Marina will hammer it home by repeating the last few words. Brilliant pop music that’s just kooky and ‘out there’.

The video’s a hoot. Marina flirts with the camera like a pro, big grin whether she’s wearing a pink TV on her head or she’s reclining in a dollar-print dress. It would be hard not to like this girl.

Insane, funny and incredibly catchy. And she doesn’t feel the need to whore her ladyparts to sell a single. Yes, a new standard by which I’ll be judging pop singles from now on is by how little gusset the artist is showing. That goes for you too, Jake Shears, OK?

Anyway, back on message – all hail Marina, and go out and buy her single. She’s amazing.

Oh No! is released on 26th July 2010 and is from Marina and the Diamonds’ debut album The Family Jewels.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    Loving the mention of Jake Shears they’re Gerard, you know he’d do it if he had the chance as well!

    Well, before seeing the video I was dubious about this release; it’s far better than the kooky ‘Shampain’, it’s lyrics that lampoon fake realities, fake celebrity, and fake faces are a surefire winner. There’s a lot to be learnt from Marina and her camp, Mika-style tunes, like ‘Hollywood’, ‘Oh No!’ and ‘Girls’.

    And ‘Oh No!’s video just goes to show that you don’t need to be removing as much as you can to garner public interest. What a brilliantly colourful, fun-loving video! I actually think Marina may be the female version of Mika, with the overly-camp, ‘lyrics-about-real-life-and-it’s-importancies-hidden-behind-a-deliriously-catchy-melody’-type songs.

    I really want to see a release of ‘Girls’, that would be the topping of a perfect pop cake.

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