Mark leaves the Big Brother House!

Mark Henson has become the first person to walk from the Big Brother house 2011. He was joint favourite to win so has he made a big mistake and will he be missed in the house?

 Big Brother fans were in for a shock during last night’s show when popular Mark sat in the diary room and decided that he had enough of being filmed in the house. Remarking he felt like a beer in a jar where the honey had ran out, he decided to leave in the morning. When he came out and told his fellow housemates about him leaving, they were all in mostly shock apart from Harry and Aaron. Jay, Tom, Aaron and Alex were very upset but as it turns out Mark didn’t change his mind and yesterday morning he did leave the house. Mark has been a favourite housemate since he joined the house with people on the outside and his fellow housemates loving him. His funny remarks, nudity and jokes have made the public laugh. So much so that he was favourite to win jointly with Alex, after her growing popularity in the last couple of weeks.

Mark has definitely got quieter over the last fortnight and often seemed to be dwelling in the bathroom or having to lean a shoulder to his friends in the house. He hasn’t had much time airtime with the show concentrating on Aaron and Faye’s growing romance, Louise and Jay’s romance, Anton’s scheming, Arden moaning about Rebecca, Maisy’s drunken antics, Alex’s hilarious moments, Tom’s crazy moments and Harry being Harry. As it turns out Mark seemed to notice this and he said himself he needed attention and weren’t getting any.

Mark leaving will affect Harry and Aaron mostly with Harry only turning up on screen when talking to one of them and Aaron always needing comforting about something! It will definitely change the atmosphere in the house with it being less fun and his ‘willy,willy, willy’ song will be missed!

Friday’s eviction is still planned to go ahead with Faye and Maisy facing the chop. I think that Maisy will go after an original bad entrance and she seems very arrogant and often as Louise even says, just looks at her as she feels threatened. Hopefully now Mark is gone, he will be replaced with some more fun characters and hopefully Alex can go on and win the show now as the new firm favourite to win the show! Jay has also been coming out of his shell this week and his relationship with Louise is very sweet.

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