Matt Cardle covers Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love on Halloween X Factor show

Here it comes – Matt Cardle’s cover version of Bleeding Love. I note that it’s the second week in a row that Matt’s sung a song originally by a female artist. 

I don’t know what to say about this – it’s Matt doing exactly what he does every week, turning a pop song into a stadium indie rock style in the Snow Patrol vein. It works very well and it’s definitely his comfort zone. The thing is – does this draw the same criticism that Aiden Grimshaw gets for delivering brain-meltingly intense performances week after week?

It’s the same thing that Mary Byrne gets as well – Matt’s found a sound that works for him and he’s sticking to it. I think the difference is that Matt’s style is contemporary and a lot of people like it. Not 100% fussed on his suit and tie styling tonight, he’s veered away from his original style of “scruffy bugger in hat” and looks slightly too polished now.

Still, definitely one of the frontrunners in this year’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] competition, I reckon we’ll see Matt Cardle in the finals.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: Matt, I’ve loved you from day one. I think you’re one of the strongest people in the competition, I think you’re going to be in to the end, but I wasn’t as crazy about the song as other weeks. I love you, I love your vocal. I know Dannii still believes in you, but I wasn’t as excited as last week.
  • Cheryl Cole: There’s so much love out there for you Matt. It was a tough song for you to sing and you already looked defeated when you came out. But I don’t think it matters, everybody loves you, girls fancy you…you maybe had a bit of an off week.
  • Simon Cowell: I also like you a lot Matt. It’s one of those nights tonight. It’s almost like you and the song were having a punch up in the middle, which one was going to win? What I did like was that it wasn’t a copycat version, it wasn’t karaoke. It was a smart choice of song and there’s no question that you won’t be here next week.
  • Dannii Minogue: I’m dumbfounded that that’s not a strong week for you. I’m absolutely blown away with those comments. You sing that incredibly. That is a girls song. The notes in that are absolutely extraordinary. Did you guys arrive on broomsticks tonight?

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