Matt Cardle: Run For Your Life is a fast grower

When I heard the preview of Run For Your Life for the first time, I liked it a lot, but wasn’t sure everyone else would. I listened a couple more times and began to love it, but with such a short taster, it’s impossible to know whether the rest of the song will live up to its promise. Finally today we got to hear the full song and see the entire video.

As things go, I was sitting in the car when Chris Moyles gave it its premiere play and sitting with me was a very chatty seven year old whose idea of keeping quiet is to only talk about one subject at a time, so it wasn’t easy to form an opinion. Later I sat down and watched the video. Good storyline, I thought and nice, nice song. Very Matt, as I hinted in a previous blog. I  watched it again later and got goosebumps. The third time, along with the goosebumps, tears pricked the back of my eyes (not unusual according to some fans, but not common for me). This song is a grower, but  grows very very quickly. It’s also a classic. Rather pleased I have it on preorder.

Roll on the album release.

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  1. Ricardo

    Agree. I wasnt sold on it from the taster but after a couple of listens I think Im obsessed. Its a fantastic indie pop/adult hybrid with the emphasis more on the pop perhaps.  In the end its anthemic; I can see it becoming many people’s guilty pleasure and a relief from the R&B/hiphop/dubstep/divapop that’s saturated the charts. It also showcases Matt’s voice which is his USP of course. All in all, Im about to preorder the single – and probably the album on the strength of it. If the rest of the tracks on there are as cleverly tailored it could be quite something.

  2. Gerard McGarry

    Haha – I’m surprised they didn’t have Pitbull or Snoop Dogg guesting on it!

    You’re right, it’s probably a bit of a grower. I’ll come back when I have a more definite ‘opinion’ on it 🙂

    1. Ricardo

      I dont think ‘guesting’ is quite Matts thing. Thankfully. I hope the track has grown on you more Gerard; I’m certainly finding it hard to shake.  I believe its now radio 2’s Record of the Week whch is actually a better sign than it sounds!

  3. amazinsuphilips

    Hmm my comment seems to have vanished so I’ll try again. Thanks for the comments guys. Gerard, I hope the track’s grown on you, not sure I follow your quip, maybe I’ve missed something.


    Ricardo, I’m pretty optimistic about the rest of the album. Matt’s songwriting track record is pretty impressive, have you checked out Seven Summers and Darwyn? Given that he’s had some experts on board and top flight collaborators, there are likely to be some memorable tunes.

    1. Ricardo

      Yes I have Sue. Seven Summers I was very impressed by (in fact I’ve now bought the album) though what I heard of Darwyn seemed to me more a first step on the road. Trying things out perhaps, though the potential was obvious. I share your optimism about the forthcoming album given the expertise Matt will hopefully have had at his disposal to polish the huge raw ability in composition and performing that is so obviously there. I’m finding it quite hard to understand why Seven Summers werent signed in fact.

      1. amazinsuphilips

        You and me both Ricardo. When I first heard the Seven Summers album I was on every fb wall posting links to their music, trying to get people to take notice of this amazing band and asking why they weren’t signed – then thinking they were probably better off indie. Not sure if that was true or not. I have their album in every format just to be sure.

        Now we also have Matt the solo artist and Degrees, giving us a fabulous range of styles. Darwyn is rather raw, I believe much of it was recorded before Matt had some voice coaching, and Matt commented that the recording was low budget due to lack of funds, but there are a couple of absoulute gems on there. I’ll be interviewing Darwyn drummer and all round percussionist Ali McMillan here soon.

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