Matt Cardle: Run For Your Life preview – playful or savvy?

Is Matt Cardle’s management team being playful releasing the teaser preview of his new single Run For Your Life, or is there an ulterior motive that means they’re being extra clever?

When the snippet of song was first heard on BBC Breakfast earlier this week, reaction among his fans was mostly positive, but there were some who didn’t warm to it immediately. Most have since listened to it a few times and now love it, so maybe it’s a grower. Growers are my favourite kind of songs, the ones that I’ll still be playing in ten years time, so that’s no bad thing. The problem with releasing one, however, is that it may need a lot of airplay before the general public come on board and start buying, so any extra exposure is worth diamonds. Thanks to the teaser and all the interviews Matt’s doing, people are hearing just enough to whet the appetite, not enough to make a decision on.

The video is clever too. A very pretty girl for the boys, Matt looking good for the girls and there are already calls for oxygen from hyperventilating fans. It will be interesting to see the whole ‘story’.

By it’s official digital release date on Sunday 9th October, the full video will have hit our screens and it will have worked its way into people’s heads. I reckon, will be a smash. There is some prejudice to overcome from those with a downer on the X Factor (yes, I admit, I was one once) and those who are certain that no male winner can go on to have a successful career. I’m sure they’re wrong. Matt has been around for a long time, just looking for a chance to push his head up above the horizon and he’s going to work like crazy to keep it there. His voice is beautiful and hugely versatile, just listen to a little Seven Summers, then Darwyn, then some of the XF stuff. He’ll never be a boring artist. The album promises a real flavour of that versatility, so I’m really looking forward to getting hold of it and sharing it with the neighbours.

I was surprised that this first single was not to be penned by Matt. He has a good track record as a songwriter, but perhaps there is more cleverness at play. Let’s just say that it is a wonderful coincidence that Gary Barlow, a new judge on X Factor happened to write a song that perfectly suits Matt’s vocal register and that is on a subject Matt has talked about both in his book and in previous interviews. I love a good coincidence. And I love this song (so far).

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