Matt Cardle’s AMAZING EP includes First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Do you remember the thud when, across the UK jaws dropped at the sound of Matt Cardle singing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face? Well, tissues at the ready, because he has recorded a full version of the song that made even my X Factor hating husband tune in to the singer songwriter’s subsequent performances.

The new First Time had its debut airing last night on Heat Radio and is actually even better than either of the two X Factor performances (Boot Camp and Show 5). Accompanied on piano by long time friend and band member Paul Bullen, this totally stripped back communion of piano and voice is as near to musical perfection as I’ve ever heard. Cardle’s falsetto is balanced by passion and power that leaves you in no doubt you are listening to a man singing from his heart.

The EP is being released to promote Matt Cardle’s platinum album Letters and, understandably, has a song from the album for it’s title track. Amazing is one of my personal favourites. A simple, yet stunning love song, not quite so stripped back as First Time, but not weighed down by complicated production either. It had quite a lot of radio play throughout Valentine’s day, so it’s a pity it isn’t released until the 19th Feb.

Other tracks on the EP are All is Said, a collaboration with the superb James Walsh and Slowly, another track from the Letters album, but recorded live at Koko. I like Slowly, it fits with the feel of the other tracks on Amazing. Hopefully there will be more Koko releases. Frankly any of the songs he sang that night were worthy of future singles, the boy sang his lucky socks off and I’m so glad I was there to witness it. I can’t say much about All is Said until I’ve heard the complete track, but from the preview clips it sounds promising. 

Amazing is available for preorder from i-tunes and you will also be able to download it elsewhere from the 19th. I’ve got a gift certificate for Amazon so that’s me sorted.

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