Matt Cardles Letters album so much better than I thought possible

I’m listening to the previews of Matt Cardles forthcoming album Letters and feeling totally whelmed. Every track snippet is a little work of art and each time I think I’ve heard the best, the next one comes on and proves me wrong. If you haven’t listened yet, hot foot it over to i-tunes and listen as soon as you can. Here’s a link to help you get there quicker, then maybe take a quick look at his newly furbished website.

You may wonder that I say it’s better than I thought possible, was I being pessimistic? Not a bit. I expected perfection, but this goes a step further. A real mix of styles and tempos, mood and emotion and always those stunning Cardle vocals. Should I review each preview? I could, but it would probably be more useful for you to make up your own mind about it and that’s why I won’t add another word.

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