Meat Loaf – Los Angeloser – Single & Video Review

It’s ironic that I’ve been blasting the first two Bat Out Of Hell albums over the last couple of days. It was totally a whim, a need for Meat Loaf’s distinctive brand of blustery performance rock. I sure as hell didn’t know he had a single coming out, and I sure as hell didn’t need his classic material in my head when I heard this.

Everything about Meat Loaf’s new single, Los Angeloser, is hand-me-down. He’s wearing Elvis’ cast-off costumes (and possibly his accent), he’s got the slutty police costumes from George Michael’s Outside video. And that song! Where did he dredge this from? It’s a country-rock plodder that barely gives Meat a chance to show off his considerable talents. If they’re still buried in there somewhere.

To anyone who saw Mr Loaf’s recent stint as a judge on Britain’s Popstar to Operastar show, this is the next step on his descent into celebrity hell. It’s like he’s been morphing into the rich Texan from The Simpsons – an eccentric, slightly crazy-eyed fella. And I hate saying this, because I’m actually loving the vintage Bat Out Of Hell material right now, but Meat Loaf is making the classic mistake. There’s no “Hand of Steinman” on this material.

I find myself cringing at the sight of the great man mugging around on this video. He looks gray and tired and desperate. And shit, that’s not a good look on him. Where’s the drama and pathos of his best stuff? Has he given up trying to compete with his classic stuff and gone country?

Los Angeloser isn’t forgettable – it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. If you need me, I’ll be burying myself in Paradise By The Dashboard Light, trying to repress the trauma of possibly Meat Loaf’s lowest ebb yet in a career filled with ups and downs.


  1. Carole

    Are you for real?  You are totally missing the point.  It is a fun video and is totally tongue in cheek.  The song is great, it is catchy and has a funny video to go with it and is not meant to be taken too seriously.  Meat is obviously having a lot of fun making it, and he looks sexy as hell!!!!!!!! And comparing it to Bat 1 and 2 is just ridiculous.   He is moving in a new direction now and doing what he wants. 

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Hi Carole – thanks for commenting!

      I’m gonna respectfully disagree with you here – Meat Loaf made his name on theatrical music and stage performances. And don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the dilemma for a veteran rocker like Meat – do you try to live up to your classic material, or do you forge a new path?

      OK, congratulations to him to trying, but the bigger issue for me is that Los Angeloser is weak. And it’s the first single. What’s the rest of the album like if this is the strongest song to release as a single?

  2. Spookydragon

    Save your vitriol for a song more worthy, perhaps one of the crap black rap indie meets the ghetto type rubbish we hear every day ‘Umberella ella ella ella ella’ comes to mind, like Carole said, it’s different and catchy and doesn’t have me reaching for the off button like the aforementioned efort, effort, effort, effort.  Country rock plodder ?  Hah !! you ARE missing the point, Meat’s latest sticks out like a cherry on a cream pie and is just as sweet !

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