Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica perform Am I Evil at the Sonisphere Festival

For all the metal fans on Shout, I chanced across this awesome video and just had to share it here. It’s Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax all onstage at the same time performing the Diamond Head classic, Am I Evil?

The bands are performing at Bulgaria’s Sonisphere Festival, and it’s fair to say that anyone who grew up with these bands is going to feel a tremor of excitement as James Hetfield welcomes the veteran thrash acts to the stage. The members of Anthrax are instantly recognisable – Scott Ian’s beard and I see Joey Belladonna has stuck around since the last time her rejoined the group. Spotted Charlie Benante and Frank Bello in the mix as well.

Somehow, Slayer weren’t part of my metal experience for some reason. But first I caught a glimpse of Dave Ellefson, then that snarling, curly-haired monster, Dave Mustaine. How satisfying to see these guys all on stage at the same time. As Hetfield said, it was a moment in metal history.

Funny how it leaves you craving more – I’ve have given anything to hear an extended medley that included (for Metallica) For Whom The Bell Tolls or Master Of Puppets, (for Megadeth) Holy Wars…The Punishment Due or their version of Anarchy In The UK (for Anthrax) I Am The Law or my favourite, Got The Time. Slayer could do a cover of Don’t Stop Believin’ for all I know of their work!

Awesome stuff – if you could get the Big Four together for a medley of their greatest hits, which songs would you choose?

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  1. magsmagenta

    Fantastic to see the four bands together, I’m a big Metallica fan and I like Megadeth too, I never got into Slayer or Anthrax much apart from a bit of a crush on Tom Araya 🙂

    None of them can top Maiden though, and I’m miserable I never got to see them this year at the UK Sonisphere festival.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I was a massive Anthrax fan back in the day. I got all their albums up until Sound of White Noise, which was brilliant, but that was a period where rock and metal felt like it was imploding and I kind of stopped buying albums after that.

      Love Megadeth though – I’m rediscovering them again, and I’d nearly stick my head out and say they were every bit as good as Metallica back in the day.

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