Merlin: Are you waiting for Morgana to turn evil?

Well, [[Merlin (TV Series)|Merlin]]-watchers, after that episode where Morgana got all doe-eyed about the kid who turned out to be Mordred, is anyone else waiting for her to switch sides?

In a lot of literature, Morgana is portrayed as an adversary of Arthur and Camelot. This is going to sound geeky, but I remember this old Superman graphic novel where Superman gets transported back in time to Camelot and has to do battle with Mordred and Morgaine le Fey (another name for Morgana).

Here are a few potential signifiers that Morgana will turn evil at some point:

  1. She is haunted by strange dreams, which are a signifier that she has magical powers of her own. This automatically makes her an enemy of Uther – what would he do if he found out? Is she merely a seer, or has she got other gifts?
  2. She became totally devoted to the cause of saving Mordred. Morgana was willing to risk everything to save Mordred, and I wonder if there’s a special bond between the two that’ll get explored later.
  3. I also wonder about the link between Morgana and Uther – the promise Uther made to her father to look after her. Is she of royal stock, is she related to Arthur, who she also seems to have the hots for?
  4. Uther has threatened to ignore the promise he made to her father if she betrays him again. Morgana didn’t seem to take this very well, and I wonder if she might rebel against him at some point in the future.

My feeling is that, if there isn’t a full-on romance between Morgana and Arthur soon, she’ll fall foul of Uther’s temper and become an outcast of the court of Camelot.

I don’t know how close Merlin will stick to the Arthurian legend, but my feeling is that Morgana could be an excellent villain, especially as she’ll incite split loyalties from the people who already know her.

In fact, in one story I read, Morgana learns magic from…Merlin. Now, wouldn’t that be an interesting story development – the pupil turning against the teacher?


  1. Anonymous

    nah broz!!! i know heaps of people who watch merlin! people are really starting to like it. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Love this show, now we know that Morgause and Morgana are half sisters, and that The Dragons calls Morgana “the Witch”. He, the Dragon, also told Merlin that Mordred was destined to kill Arthur. So, I agree that Morgana will turn against Arthur and Merlin.

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