Merlin, Beauty And The Beast, Part 2 (S02E06) – Episode review

Uther and Catrina

Welcome back to Camelot, viewers. When last we left the noble kingdom, Uther had been tricked into marrying a troll disguised as a lady. Tonight, the Lady Catrina manipulates Uther to destroy his relationship with Arthur. In order to gain the wealth of Camelot, Catrina needs to get Arthur out of the way and get Uther to give her rights to the throne.

As Catrina schemes, Merlin goes into hiding (she acuses him of stealing from her). [[Merlin (TV Series)|Merlin]] and Gaius work together to unmask Catrina by replacing her medicine with something else. Timed right, the illusion of ‘Lady Catrina’ will wear off, exposing her in front of everybody.

However, Catrina masterfully manipulates Uther to disinherit Arthur and put her next in line to the throne. During the ceremony, her potion starts to wear off, and she runs from the room, but is pursued by Uther, Arthur, Morgana and Gaius. They witness her transform into a troll again, but Uther is clearly enchanted and doesn’t see any change in her. Outed, the troll retains her hideous appearance, and Uther becomes increasingly cruel to the subjects of Camelot by introducing new taxes which threaten to ruin the people.

Merlin seeks the advice of the Great Dragon and, after the dragon stops laughing, he bestows him with the usual vague advice. Uther must cry tears of remorse to break the enchantment. So, what’s a guy to do? Kill his only son. Arthur agrees to take a potion which will make him appear dead – the only catch being that if he doesn’t get the antidote on time, he really will die!

Without recapping the entire episode, it’s safe to say that this was another lighthearted effort from the Merlin writers. A definite continuation of the flatulence jokes from the previous week, and some genuinely funny moments as Uther’s nearest and dearest try to warn him that he’s married to a troll. Fair play to [[Anthony Head]] for appearing genuinely distressed whenever his closest companions insult his wife. Gaius leads a concerned council meeting to bring to Uther’s attention the trollish qualities of his wife and gets threatened with a beheading for his trouble.

I wonder what you guys think of these episodes though? Do you prefer the Merlin stories that develop the characters and progress the series story arc, or are you happy with these fairly frivolous episodes that are fairly humourous but don’t really move the story on?

For my part, I didn’t mind these episodes, but I’m keener for the stories which progress the overall plot. Morgana’s been virtually absent for the last couple of weeks, and I’m dying to find out what’s going to happen with the Lancelot, Gwen, Arthur love triangle. And how long d’you think before Merlin reveals his powers to Arthur?

Well, you get the gist. Tell me what you thought, leave me a comment!

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  1. ByeLittleLady

    I really loved the last two episodes; I thought it was nice spanning it over a two parter because fitting all of that in to one episode wouldn’t have given it enough room for the Arthur/Uther issues to evolve- which was brilliant. However, I have loved episodes 2, 3 and 4 of this series the most so far, as they encompass the two of the most interesting arcs in this series- the G/A/L love triangle and the relationship between Morgana and Merlin. From what I can gather from the Witchfinder trailer, however, these past two episodes seem to have been quite important in terms of reinforcing Uther’s paranoia, and maybe drawing back in the M/M “kindred spirit” relationship. 

    I do absolutely adore those light hearted Merlin and Arthur moments though- Bradley and Colin really do bounce off one another and that’s great to see on screen- so I will never complain if there are a couple of more plot light episodes, plus I think the humour’s an important aspect of the show along with everything else. In terms of Arthur discovering Merlin’s secret- I feel it is still slightly too early; I don’t think Arthur’s learnt to fully appreciate Merlin as he is already for him to say anything yet. Plus it gives more scope for Arthur’s reaction if they’re closer when he finds out, (will he feel angry/betrayed, happy to have found out, utterly bemused etc.)


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