Merlin – S02E01 – The Curse of Cornelius Sigan



He’s back! Oh yes, the long awaited series two of Merlin finially arrived last Saturday. And was it awesome? Yes. Could it have been slightly better? Probably…

Firstly the story this week involved the discovery of a tomb and related treasures in a previously sealed area of the castle. Something spooks the workers as they all run out screaming and one appears to be petrified.The room is locked off and responsibilty for the room is Arthur’s.

Later on, in a tavern, shyster Cedric (played by the ever-creepy Mackenzie Crook) hears about the jewels and makes it his mission to obtain them. From here Cedric worms his way into the affections of the royal household and, in particular, into the service of Arthur thus leaving Merlin out in the cold. ‘Take a rest, Merlin,’ Arthur insists, ‘Cedric can handle it’… suffice to say Merlin is not best pleased at being passed over so easily and even getting thrown into the cells for a night.

Whilst Camelot sleeps Cedric steals away the keys and begans to fill a sack with coins and jewels.The biggest jewel is as blue as Colin Morgan’s eyes, big and glowy, but evidently not as kind for when Cedric dislodges it the soul of Cornelius Sigan, inhabits his body.

Cornelius, one of the most powerful wizards of all time, in some weird reverse Horcrux-y way, managed to store his soul in the jewel so that one day he could return and make Camelot burn, MWAHAHAHAHA! Which is exactly what Cornelius!Cedric intends to do after his dramatic costume change. He brings gargoyles to life, scaring the people of Camelot. ONLY ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS CAN SAVE THEM NOW! But wait, Arthur is a complete and utter clotpole, and so really, once again it is up to Merlin, who looks barely tempted by Cedric’s offer of ruling Camelot.

Merlin is a great manservant, he knows exactly where his loyalties lie and is always good and proper. Even though everyone underestimates him – even Gaius (come on Gaius the kid saved your life last series!). The characters were just an familar and lovely as I remembered. I would liked to have seen more of Morgana and Gwen together – more of Morgana at all really. I know Gwen and Arthur are being brought closer together this series and Morgana’s going to be coming to terms with ‘what she is’ but I would hate for them to lose their own intimacy.

You see it was a good episode, it really was, but it wasn’t much of a first episode. It just seemed like a comfortable episode that could have slotted anywhere within the series – there wasn’t the big punch I was waiting for (as with S02E01 of Primeval). I am really looking forward for the rest of this series and hope that it manages to get maintain it’s banter, corny jokes and action without falling into something that does just feel like the same fare over and over.

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