Mew: Danish indie rock

Mew - Danish rock band

I hesitate to mention Mew in our New Music Showcase section, because the band’s been around since 1994 and they’re about to release their fifth album.

However, Mew are starting to gain attention due to a little gig supporting Nine Inch Nails around Europe. And as I mentioned, their new album No More Stories… is due out in August.

Their musical style is best summed up by this quote from Spin Magazine:

experimental enough to woo fans of Radiohead, and straight forward enough to lap up lovers of Coldplay

I spent some time this afternoon listening to the music on their official website (the MySpace page is good, but only has two songs). I don’t know what it is about Danish bands, but they always sound slightly dreamy to me, and Mew are no exception. Even in the more up-tempo numbers like Special, the layered guitar arpeggios have a spacey effect which is helped on by the vocal harmonies. Videos and more after the jump…

Mew – Special

Mew – 156

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  1. Anonymous

    Mew’s new stuff is crazy awesome.  Though I feel sorta bad that the new album leaked so early – more than a month before the release date!

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