M.I.A. gets more and more wacky by the day, Justin Bieber’s videos offend her

The super hip M.I.A. has stated that Justin Bieber’s videos offend her more than the video for her own single Born Free. Be warned the video contains gory violence and sex scenes that may disturb some.

The 9 minute video which contains scenes of graphic sex, disturbing images of genocide and a young boy being being shot in the head, has M.I.A. admitting that she is more insulted by watching Justin Bieber videos.

She told NME magazine that “I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made.” She continued: It baffles me that everyone seems to be obsessed with deciphering the meaning to it. It baffles me in the same way as the Brick Lane riot for American Apparel leggings baffled me.”

Despite M.I.A.’s claims that she doesn’t want to go in a mainstream direction for her new album, I’m of the opinion that mainstream success is just what she wants with all these unnecessary controversial statements. M.I.A. has always talked about highlighting issues to do with war and poverty in the Third World and while I commend her for that, it was unnecessary to create such a brutally violent video for the ‘buzz single’ Born Free, only to go where Christina Aguilera failed, by making something truly shocking and talked about in the tabloids. And as for slagging of Justin Bieber – that’s the job of bloggers, like myself, to do.


In other news, M.I.A. has leaked her third studio album’s lead single online – XXXO. Unlike the noisy Born Free (which I happen to like sans the video), XXXO is a much more radio friendly number, the lyrics talking about a bad relationship. I can actually see this being a club hit but don’t worry, it’s more Groove Armada than Ke$ha if you’re worried about M.I.A. selling out. Expect M.I.A.’s next album /\/\/\Y/\ (easier to write as Maya) in July. Listen to the track below.




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  1. Gerard McGarry

    …so that’s one reason to like M.I.A.

    Yes, Born Free is a pretty freaky video, isn’t it? I can’t understand how she’s downplaying the violence in the video though – it’s very explicit. A tad too extreme for my tastes though, I can’t really get into her music anyway.

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