Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight – Single review

Yet another posthumous single has been released from the massive Michael Jackson archive. Hollywood Tonight is said to have been ten years in the making, dragged as it was from Jackson’s vast cache of unreleased material, dusted off and given a disco-infused makeover.

What’s really surprising about Hollywood Tonight is that it’s a departure from the tepid cash-in that was Hold My Hand. In his later career, Jackson had begun to release limp, washed-out R&B tunes. Before the fans get all up in arms, let’s be honest here – nothing Michael Jackson released in the last decade and a half matched up to his classic material.

While this single doesn’t quite touch on the greatness of classic Jackson tracks, it does recall that infectious disco groove that used to be his trademark. There’s a strong 80’s vibe to Hollywood Tonight – even the female dancer in the video looks like a young Brooke Shields, who Michael was linked to in the 80’s.

The other cause for celebration with this single release is that Jackson has recorded a distinct vocal. Where his latterday recordings were mumbled, this has a clear vocal with a great hook. As a tribute to Jackson’s musical legacy, this is a better fit than Hold My Hand. More of this please, whoever’s releasing his records these days.

The video for the single ‘follows a young woman stepping her feet in Hollywood in hope to become a professional dancer’. Naturally, there are a bunch of MJ images and videos strewn throughout the video. The incredibly hot girl in the video is Sofia Boutella, an Algerian dancer who is almost 30 years old. Wow!

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