Midnight’s Daughter by Karen Chance

Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance

Midnight’s Daughter

By Karen Chance


Karen Chance’s latest novel Midnight’s Daughter, neatly slots on your bookshelf with her prior novels. While reading her other three offerings is not neseccary, as Midnight’s Daughter stands alone compared to the Cassandra Palmer series, there are some interesting easter eggs buried within the novel for long time readers.

Dorina Basarbab is one of the only dhampirs on earth.

As the daughter of Mircea a high standing vampire and a human women, she is subject to uncontrollable rages. To ice her cake she is the neice of the infamous murder vampire Dracula. While Dory works to surpress her rage, she is confronted by her vampire heritage. Dracula is loose, and he isn’t happy with his family.

As well as this, Dory’s best friend, a powerful mage Carol is kidnapped. Everything is going wrong, and Dory will have to work with her mortal enemies the vampires to set it right, otherwise the vampire world will fall.


This book will grab you by the neck and suck you dry with pure action and adventure, keeping you fixated through every page.


Where to buy: Amazon £5.49

For Fans Of: Angie Fox & Laurell K. Hamilton

Follow Up Read: “Touch The Dark” By Karen Chance

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there going to be a follow up book to this??? i’ve read it and it is amazing, i cant get enough of it lol.. am really looking forward to reading more about her. Fingers crossed there is a second.

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