Mika – We Are Golden – Single & Video Review

Our favourite Lebanese singer/songwriter (that’s Mika, readers) is returning for that ‘difficult’ second album. It’ll be interesting to see if his unique brand of flamboyance can enthrall the public once again.

The lead single from the album, We Are Golden is an interesting starting point though. In the video, we have Mika surrounded by the usual rainbow of bright colours and visual madness. On the other hand, he’s strutting around his bedroom in white boxers like a teenager posing for new photos for his MySpace profile.

I mention this because Mika is in his middle twenties, so you’d think he’d have outgrown embarrassing bedroom dance routines by now. And the small matter of his age makes the lyrics about teenage dreams a bit moot.

Musically speaking, We Are Golden is a solid pop song, if not as special as the material from Mika’s 2007 debut album. You get the impression that he’s channeling the ghosts of old Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman songs in the verses, while the chorus is simply a matter of shouting the name of the track repeatedly.

There’s a feeling that Mika feels the responsibility of producing a good second album, but there’s a sense that he’s also trying too hard. And while We Are Golden is far from a disaster for the Beirut-born singer, neither is it his finest hour. However, neither is our love for Mika diminished by this single and we have high hopes for the album!

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  1. Dara Hickey

    If you ask me, ‘We Are Golden’ was a fantastic comeback single for an artist who, up until then, was very on and off for me. It was like he wasn’t so much politely ringing the doorbell of the charts and asking to be welcomed back in as “GTFO OF MY WAY I’M MIKA AND I’M BACK!” And I think it worked.

    So far his good songs in my opinion are:

    Grace Kelly, Love Today, Relax (Take It Easy),  Happy Ending, We Are Golden, Rain (by far his best), and of course, the RedOne produced ‘Kick Ass (We Are Young)’

    And his bad songs are:

    Lollipop, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Blame It On The Girls.

    I really want to see a release of ‘Touches You’ materialise because it’s such a brilliant song, a real buzz surrounding that track so it would seem the obvious choice, especially for the summer.

    I wasn’t as particular fan of his first album but I have to admit, I feel he seriously mis-stepped in not releasing ‘My Interpretation’, but not releasing ‘Touches You’ or even the heart-felt ballad ‘I See You’ (far better than Leona’s tripe of the same name) should get a release, but he’d have to time it right though. ‘I See You’ should be released around October/November time and ‘Touches You’ should be released at the end of July. There honestly is a hell of a lot of buzz around it, even from non-Mika fans.

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