Miley Cyrus Beefs Up Her Fashion Line Despite Billy Ray and Tish Marital Tiff

There’s a lot of stress for Miley Cyrus lately. It’s not about her love life or her critics targeting her wardrobe choices. Her parents Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus are filing for a divorce after 17 years of being together as husband and wife.

The cause? In their divorce documents, Billy Ray and Tish mentioned that their “irreconcilable differences” is the one that made them decide to throw in the towel and give up their marriage. Miley’s parents’ separation has brought their five children grief. Miley Cyrus herself is distraught at her parents’ decision. Miley was quoted saying: “I could not believe it will end up like this. I was hoping they could still mend their differences.”

Despite the sadness that churn in the Cyrus family, Miley is keeping herself busy by beefing up her fashion line as she is adding exciting designs to her collection. By teaming up with fashion creative consultant Max Azria, Miley is widening her fashion line which she launched two years ago. This wonderful fashion line will be available soon at Wal-Mart stores all over the US.

Last month, Miley is busy transformed Grosse Pointe South High School into a movie set. Grosse Pointe was chosen to be the fictional Wrigley High School in Chicago. Girls from the said school camped outside the school grounds just to get a glimpse of the pop singer.


Miley Cyrus has invaded the school’s hallway, gym, three classrooms at the Gross Pointe Farm School, an assistant Principal’s office and a courtyard between two buildings. According to the Principal Al Diver, “they’re using a lot of the school except what’s needed for the fall sports.” Principal Diver has already shared lunch with the casts and crew of LOL.

He said that Miley’s father Billy Ray and Miley were very low-key and “surprisingly” down to earth, he even asked Miley for an autograph for his granddaughter. But here’s the bad thing, a 16 year old Grosse Pointe Park shopper said that Miley’s presence in the town gets a little obsessive and at one point she watched Miley being pursued by autograph seekers while trying to buy a bag of chips, Miley started to annoy her fans and even told them to quit stalking her and give her some space, they we’re mad at her reaction, some of them said “she should have been a little less rude about it.”

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