Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA – Single review

Miley Cyrus has just released a new single Party In The USA, an unashamed bubblegum pop anthem that is as infectious as swine flu, but apparently not quite as dangerous.

This time last year, you’d have been forgiven for believing that Miley was trying to leave behind the cutesy Disney universe for pastures a little more grown up. To be honest, there’s little in this track that we haven’t seen from Miley in the past – the celeb obsession of moving to Hollywood has echoes of Fly On The Wall, but she (and her songwriters) deserve full marks for a fun, hook-laden tune that just begs to be sung out loud.

The video’s an all-American dream – drive-in movies, gyrating in front of an enormous US flag. Brilliant stuff. Beats me why it took so many months to get a release in the UK when it was released in the USA in the summer.

Well, it is a party in the USA

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  1. Samm

    Ok, so this song is catchy and a fun tune to go along with. I also realize that it’s very hard for a child star to to turn Adult Star. But I think that Miley is taking it a little more than that. In her video, she had stripper dance poles, booty shorts, and her breasts were about to pop out. She was doing dance moves yes, but it seemed like slutty dance moves. My nieces love her, but after seeing this video they want to dress like her. I’m sorry, but it kinda upsets me a little that they even aired such a video like that on disney when they don’t do things like that normally. I’m just saying from my point of view that I don’t like my nieces watching her when she dresses and dances like that. She looked more like a whore in the video than a teenager. I realize she’s trying to find a look that suits her, but this look isn’t working for her or for the many children/teens who look up to her. From my point of view.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I think it’s a bit harsh to describe her as a whore though. Though, as the father of three under 10’s, I can see the dilemma.

      What you may need to take into account though is that Miley is transitioning from tween starlet to genuine pop star. I think Party In The USA actually straddles the two markets brilliantly – giving a bop-along song for the kids, but with enough fun that adults will find themselves humming it as well.

      As for the video – well, if this was a Beyonce or Shakira video, it would be relatively tame. The dancing’s not really that offensive. OK, maybe the shorts are a little too short, but I’m not too hung up on that. It’s far more innocent that the gusset-waggling costumes the other two ladies I mentioned are famous for. Did you see the She Wolf video.

  2. Jay-D

    The song & vid are ok in my opinion.

    But then she says she’s never heard a Jay-Z song and hates Britney-pop music when she mentions them in her (?) song!

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