MinogueGATE: Will She or wont she?

Danni Minogue and the X factor!

 Like a soap Opera. Kat and Alfie, Ronnie and Danielle, Steve and Becky. To name a few, Will they or wont they moments. Well, Will she or wont she? Simon Cowell has offered her a pay rise of double her 500,000 to 1 million, to sign a contract for 2009. The same as Cheryl. But Cheryl has said she wont come back unless its her and Danni. Gosh it really is like a soap.

Alot of people out there dont like Danni, they think she can be fake, due to her plastic surgery and they think her position is pointless. Or some might have a grudge against her for the whole Sharon situation. But i like her i have to say. Shes down to earth, shes a good mentor and although she gets stick, she shows shes human, shes passionately involved with the x factor and has a real drive to ensure her contestants’ success. Just look at her first year. Rhidian and Leon, both in her category, both in the final 2. And Last year, given a tough category, shes bullied by the media for her relationship with Rachel, given Daniel, the one everyone hates, and then shes saved by Ruth. The Spanish senorita that everyone grew to love. Is it her time? I hope not.

These are a few people who have been linked with the rumours of replacing her:

Well! What a Line up! Would you prefer Danni? or one of our 3 spicegirls! Victoria with her cool, stylish, cold look. Emma Bunton with her warmhearted approach, Mel C, her straight talking, honesty that we know her for?

Or would Simons right hand girl deserve the seat?! Sinitta has admitted she’d love to be a permanent judge as she is so loyal to the show. Or do you think she’d be too up simons behind? And of course, charlotte church has been ruled out! but wouldnt that be amazing! Welsh and proud new mother charlotte on the panel, bring a bit of comedy to the place! i love her! but she doesnt get on with Cheryl! Oh Dear! somehting about her stealing their sound. The joys of celebrityism ey!

I personally think that Robbie Williams would make a brilliant Judge! Everyone loves him, hes done the talk and walked the walk! and would be a great addition to the panel. Not biased towards anyone, no sucking ass! and a damn good mentor id make a bet on!

But i think maybe this year Danni will stay! But the question is! Should Louis?! Thats up for debate i think!





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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Can I just say WOW, Charlotte Church is built like a tank, isn’t she? She’s the boobinator! Here’s my verdict:

    1. Posh: No, can’t sing, and reports of her having a personality may be greatly exaggerated. She should stay away from the music industry.
    2. Charlotte Church: Grew up in the industry, so I’d expect her to be a bit more sympathetic to the younger auditionees. Can be relied on for a controversial comment. Stage might not be big enough for her and Cheryl.
    3. Robbie: Not sure if Robbie’s so keen on reality TV, plus he’d be too tired from sitting up all night watching out for UFOs. Not sure about his chemistry with Simon, Cheryl or Louis.
    4. Sinitta: No, no, no! When she judged on Grease Is The Word, she constantly upstaged the contestants with her flamboyant hats. And we wouldn’t want to suggest that she was using Simon Cowell as a meal ticket, would we?
    5. Sporty: Good girl, can sing and has a wonderful personality. I’d love to see her judge a series of X Factor.
    6. Baby: As per #5.

    The two ex-Spice Girls who can sing would be totally eligible in my book. Emma Bunton’s done a fair bit of this type of work and backed Dannii up last year, so I’d be happy to see her pretty face on that panel. Same with Mel C.

    Dannii, to her credit, hasn’t done a bad job. But like Paula Abdul on American Idol, I just don’t think she adds anything interesting to say. Dannii hasn’t got the art of the soundbite: something concise and relevant and memorable. She tends to dribble out some generic nonsense that would apply to any contestant, which is her main failing.

    I don’t hate her though, and the media campaign against her is quite unfair. Since she joined X Factor, she’s seemed a bit more human to me.

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