Misfits: Series 2, Episode 3 Review


Tonight, the masked freerunning Superhoodie unmasked himself, and a super-powered tattoo artist messes with the gang’s minds.

First let’s talk about Superhoodie – he’s been following the group around for weeks now and showing a particular interest in Alisha. Early suspicions are that it’s Simon, but of course the show takes great pains to show that Simon’s somewhere else while Superhoodie is rescuing Alisha. So, it’s obviously not Simon, right?

Wrong. It’s actually future Simon – a dark and broody and more confident version of the Simon we already know. After saving Alisha he reveals himself and gives her some explanation about being from the future. It seems to check out – since he was the one who dug Nathan up at the start of the season, and he proves this yet again later in the episode with the peanuts.

Of course, the peanuts thing is a total paradox, but I don’t think [[Misfits (TV Series)|Misfits]] really cares too much about that. Does it?

Simon’s agenda doesn’t seem to be totally pure – he manages to fit in a shag with Alisha and of course he steered the group toward the girl in the flat who Curtis now seems to have a weird fixation with. I wonder if that was all intentional or if it was supposed to happen? Let’s face it, he pulled the old “You can’t tell anybody about me” line.

Elsewhere, Nathan starts displaying worrying homosexual tendencies toward Simon. It took me a while to twig onto this one, but it was because he’d pissed off a super-powered tattooist. The result? Said tattooist put a ‘magic’ tattoo on him that made him attracted to Simon. Brilliant. Robert Sheehan was brilliant as the weirdly besotted Nathan, trying his usual crass chat-ups and completely freaking Simon out in the process.

It’s not until Kelly gets inked herself that they realise the tattooist is behind the weirdness. They decide to pay him a visit, but Superhoodie supplies them with a snack first – peanuts.

Not only did this tie the two main stories together, it did one thing that Misfits seems to do best – the visit to the tattoo parlour had a real sense of danger to it. I didn’t expect the dagger to Curtis’ stomach, or the barbed wire tattoo strangling Simon. Those two things hinted that the limits of the tattooist’s powers was his own imagination.

Thanks to the peanuts, the bad guy was stopped and his erotic artwork undone. Nathan went back to being hetero with a quick fumble with Kelly. She quickly calls it off, saying that it feels wrong, like doing it with her brother. I wonder if there’s any truth in that, considering Nathan’s already had one long-lost brother appear out of the woodwork.


  1. Nathan: “Gay, straight, retarded…why do we have to put labels on everything?”
  2. Nathan: “Love hurts…it chews you up and spits you out like a big ball of mucus.”
  3. Tattooist: “Put your nuts on the floor!”
  4. Kelly: “If you want to spunk over a girl’s tattoos, just ask ’em, yeah?”
The cast of Misfits are: Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Kelly (Lauren Socha), Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon) 

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