Misfits: Series 2, Episode 4 Review

A Terminator in a shell suit, a short-lived new recruit and a teleporting heart transplant patient. Those are the focal points of this week’s episode of [[Misfits (TV Series)|Misfits]].

It might be because I overdosed on Misfits today, but I found this episode a bit slower than normal. The overdose was me catching up on the three last episodes from the first series – which were fantastic by the way. The shameful admission I have to make here is that I totally missed the first series of this show. After catching Misfits over the last few weeks, I’m obsessed with the show, so bringing myself up to speed was top priority.

Tonight’s episode saw a new recruit join the gang for a brief stint of community service. It doesn’t take long before he reveals he has a power (on this show, who hasn’t got a power?) – he can teleport. But it seems he can’t teleport fast enough when a psychotic shell suit wearing chav points a gun at his head.

But poor, beautiful Ollie’s loss is Nikki’s gain. You remember Nikki, right? The wheezy girl whose bed Nathan crapped on? Well, Ollie being a conscientious organ donor, Nikki gets his heart which saves her life and gives her the bizarre unwanted side-effect of teleportation.

But the priority for the rest of the group is escaping Tim, the gun-wielding gamer psycho. He’s hallucinating that he’s in a Grand Theft Auto style game, and the Misfits are his main adversaries. He hunts them through the estate and eventually captures Kelly, then the rest of the group in turn until he has a full set. Future Simon steps in and sacrifices himself to save the group, but pays by taking a bullet to the chest.

Highlight of the episode for me was Kelly sitting in a wedding dress drinking wine given to her by Tim with a serious gash on her nose. She was as plucky as ever in the face of possible death. 

Sadly, not nearly enough Nathan and his hilarious speechifying in this episode, which I think contributed to it being slightly sub-par. However, even a slow episode of Misfits is better than most things on telly. I’ve gotta say, the guy who played Tim did a fantastic Terminator impression – very robotic while just looking like a demented chav.

The lingering questions are why Future Simon couldn’t have protected himself better if he knew he was going to take a bullet. Presumably he had that future knowledge somehow. And by giving Alisha the keys to his ‘lair’, he clearly knew he was going to die. So, will Alisha discover anything interesting among his stuff (other than holiday snaps from Las Vegas?)

The cast of Misfits are: Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Kelly (Lauren Socha), Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon)

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