Misfits, Series 2, Episode 5 Review

This week in [[Misfits (TV Series)|Misfits]], the gang are mostly having sex. Well, all except for Alisha and Nathan. But the rest of the group are having lusty encounters all over the place – Curtis and Nikki are at it, and Simon and Kelly both meet new people.

But first, Nathan gets brutally killed. I love how the gang are taking his frequent deaths in their stride now, with Kelly deadpanning “This is why people kill you”, when Nathan says something typically crass and insensitive.

He blames his latest death on the hot community worker Jessica, who’s moving in on Simon.

With Nathan convinced that Simon’s about to get brutally murdered by a black widow of a woman, he and Alisha start stalking him to make sure he’s safe. It wasn’t the best kept secret in this episode that it was Jessica’s overprotective and slightly storm-affected father who was picking off her admirers.

More interestingly, Kelly ends up dating a bloke who’s on the run from the police. We see a couple of very rough sex scenes between the two, but his thought patterns are extremely simple. I’m really starting to love the character of Kelly though – and it’s not just because of her ample bosom – she has such an endearing vulnerability for all her “I ain’t gunna shagya” swagger, she just wants to be close to someone.

The storyline itself is very similar to the first series episode where Nathan ended up in bed with an old lady. The upshot of Kelly’s storyline is that she’s been shagging a super-powered gorilla. Of course, discovering this is part of the fun – the revelation comes at the end of a King Kong themed climb up the side of a building. Even with all of that, I still think Nathan’s storyline from last year was a little more touching in the end. It was the beastiality that detracted from the emotion.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Alisha, who was ‘between boyfriends’. Curtis has moved on and is happily romping away with Nikki while Simon isn’t ready for his relationship with Alisha. As Superhoodie Simon predicted, he doesn’t lose his virginity to Alisha, but to someone else. Now we know who. None of this can be easy for Alisha, especially since she’s dealing with the death of her future lover.

Loved the fact that the gang attended a fancy dress party dressed as superheroes. Even if they we’re quite cheesy costumes, and Alisha’s wasn’t quite slutty enough! Next week the guys have to deal with being outed in the press by someone with the shittest power ever. Lactokinesis!

The cast of Misfits are: Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Kelly (Lauren Socha), Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon)

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