Misfits Series 2 Finale, episode review

The giant reset button of time travel is often used in sci-fi shows to wipe out sloppy plotting. Often leading to even sloppier plot holes, but I digress. Misfits, in their second series finale kills off almost the whole cast, leaving Curtis with a prime opportunity to use his power.

It all begins with a dweeb who gets the power to manipulate dairy products with the power of his mind. He decides to go public with his powers, attracting a storm of publicity. This shouldn’t mean anything for the Misfits, except an unguarded conversation in the toilets is overheard by their probation worker, who gallantly tips off the press. For a tidy profit, if his trip to Antigua is anything to go by.

This is a sweet little in-joke, because after killing off two probation workers in their first series, this guy has been lucky enough to survive right to the end. As Curtis notes: 

You sit on your arse doing nothing for six weeks, then you sell us out. 

The gang quickly become exposed to the new celebrity superhero circuit. Nathan gets his own TV show in which he blows his own brains out, and lots of groupies to play with. Brian, Monsieur Grande Fromage, looks increasingly average with time travelers, healers and invisible c*nts all over the place. Kelly astutely calls this “the shittest powah evah”.

Misfits often throws in characters with an absolutely weird power. I’d argue that Alisha’s power is pretty crap and hard to gain an advantage from. Brian’s power (lactokinesis) is utterly pointless on its own, however it’s his evil way of using the power that is genius – using the partially digested dairy products in people’s bodies to choke them to death. He even finds a way to debilitate Nathan with his lacto-power. I mean, what a villain!

I always wondered about Nathan’s powers – if he had an Achille’s heel like Claire Bennet in Heroes who could be spiked in the brain and be debilitated. Seems he can blow his brains out (and regenerate the back of his skull), but not take a lack of oxygen to the brain. Nice one.

Even though you could see the time-reset thing coming from a mile off, I thought it was brilliant to see the Misfits getting picked off one by one. Kelly, Alisha and Nikki all got wasted way too easily, and Nathan’s temporary demise was inspired. I kind of expected Brian to have a physical back-up plan for people like Curtis (lactose-intolerant? *rolls eyes*), but The Invisible C*nt managed to get stabbed. Minor problem here – surely Simon would have seen the knife coming at him and side-stepped it, grabbing Brian’s wrist in the process? Hey, why let believable plotting get in the way of a good reset though!

If you scoot over to Dan’s Media Digest, he’ll tell you how disappointed he was in this episode. He’s lamenting about the death of the Superhoodie storyline and a weak ending to the series. However, I’ve found this series pretty damned good. And I’m looking forward to the Christmas special where Simon – by all accounts – tries to kill Jesus. Stay tuned!


  • Laura: “They’re waiting for you. They’re calling you the ASBO Five.” Curtis: “I ‘aven’t even got an ASBO.” Laura: “No one cares.”
  • Nathan in bed with two women. Staying in a Grand Hotel. Mr. Big Cheese. 
  • Nathan: “I trippled myself – it’s when you cum, puke and shit yourself all at the same time.”
  • Kelly: “I shagged a monkey” Nathan: “Technically it was a gorilla.”
  • Healer girl: “I’m not gonna grab your cock!” Nathan: “Where’s your humanity?”
  • Nathan: “I suppose I only have myself and that dirty bitch I had sex with to blame.”
  • Nathan: “Great. And I have no job, no money, no girlfriend, nowhere to live, no useful skills or qualifications. Okay, so I’m immortal, but other than that I’ve basically got nothing going for me.”
The cast of Misfits are: Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Nathan (Robert Sheehan), Kelly (Lauren Socha), Alisha (Antonia Thomas) and Simon (Iwan Rheon)

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