Modern Family – Airport 2010 (S01E22) – Episode review

Airport 2010 takes the entire cast of [[Modern Family (TV Series)|Modern Family]] and plonks them in an airport awaiting a flight to Hawaii. This – from what I hear – is the lead-up to the series finale with all the gang on holiday together.

The premise is great – Gloria has arranged a trip for her and Jay to celebrate his birthday. But unbeknown to Jay, she’s brought the entire family along – on his dollar – when all he wants is a peaceful holiday.

What’s great about Modern Family is they can take family situations that’ve been flogged to death and make them fresh and funny. Airport 2010 sees two major travel gags – Claire’s phobia about flying and Mitchell forgetting his passport – played out in riotously funny form.

Mitchell forgetting his wallet kicks things off. He snipes at Cam for causing the chaos until Phil offers to drive him home to get the wallet and promises they’ll be back in time for the flight. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who hasn’t experienced that pre-flight paranoia that they’ve left something behind? Well, imagine the slowest driver in the world coming to your rescue!

And when Claire realises that Phil has gone off with Mitch, she begins to panic about having to get on the flight alone. Luke makes everything worse by pondering how cool it would be if the plane got into a storm and blown onto an island…just like Lost. (Update: Julie Bowen – who plays Claire – was a cast member of Lost. Extra credit to the writers!) The climax of all of this is when Phil has to get an obviously unconscious Claire past the airport gate by pretending she’s acting out roles from zombie films.

Elsewhere, the man-in-a-little-Colombian-boy’s-body that is Manny gets hauled in by airport security. He’s not that Manny Delgado! Everything this kids does on Modern Family is comedy gold anyway, so it’s entertaining to watch him, in his leisure suit, answering questions from a solemn faced guard. And rounding up the entertainment, Haley develops a crush on a boy in the departure lounge, imagining what a deep and artistic soul he is. Until she approaches him and realises he’s just a kid. Alex, naturally, has lots of sadistic fun with that one.

A brilliant episode. And taking a leaf out of Jay’s “I could not love you any more than I do right now” book – next week can only be better, even if it’s just for the possibility of seeing Claire and/or Gloria in swimwear! Woo hoo!

Quotes from Airport 2010

  • Phil: What a mom. Sometimes I wish you were my mom. Claire: Oh God, Phil, I’m already feeling a little queasy.
  • Dylan: Is it tomorrow? I was gonna go, but then you fell asleep. And since you’re leaving for a week I wanted to stare at you for as long as I could.
  • Phil: If you show enough houses, you learn all the tricks. Every realtor’s just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere, but not me. I’m completely clue-less.
  • Haley: Look at him, he’s sketching. He’s like Leonardo di Caprio in Titanic.
  • Jay: Could you make it a double? I’m traveling with my family.
  • Security guard: Ma’am, you seem to know a lot about sneaking contraband onto a plane. Gloria: Yeah, I’m Colombian.
  • Jay: I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now. Gloria: I also found a topless beach. Jay: I was wrong.

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