Modern Family, Season 2, Episode 9 review – Mother Tucker

A cleverly titled episode of Modern Family, as Cam’s mother comes to visit, thus “Mother Tucker”.

I don’t know about you, but Cam and Mitch are perhaps my least favourite pairing of the three families in this show. It’s got nothing to do with them being gay and everything to do with that opposites attract dynamic. Cam is flamboyant and funny while Mitch is snobbish and uptight. And sometimes the storylines these two get given are so obvious, it kind of drains the fun out of it. A bit like Monica’s ‘cleaning freak’ personality trait in Friends which became tremendously annoying after 10 years.

However, Mother Tucker manages to draw some laughs as Cameron’s mother turns out to be ‘handsy’ with Mitchell. Something we know he’s uncomfortable with. After taking some bad advice from Claire – who hilariously taunts him with physical proximity – Mitch decides to ‘out’ his mother in law by getting her to touch him in front of Cam. Predictably, this goes awry and Cam is offended. Then mother overhears and she’s upset. The Tuckers, in case you didn’t realise, are a sensitive lot.

Cue more inappropriate moments as Mother Tucker tries to make her apologies – while Mitch is in the bath.

The Dunphys

The more satisfying plot in my opinion is the big break-up between Haley and Dillon. Haley’s libido is a worrying phenomenon. I think I grumbled about a too-short skirt she was wearing a few weeks ago. But now, she’s pouncing on her tutor when Claire’s back is turned. “What? We only do this when I get one right.”

I love how they play Haley as a natural-born idiot while Alex is the exact opposite – socially awkward, but smart. There’s a wonderful bit of interplay between Claire and Alex as they discuss who’ll look after Haley when she grows up – Alex is in favour of marrying her off to a middle-Eastern businessman.

We all know that Claire has a pathological hatred of Dillon – she leaps on the tutor snogging incident as a reason for Haley to break up with Dillon. Haley does this with ruthless efficiency – via text of course. But Phil empathizes with Dillon’s heartbreak and takes him under his wing. “Sad face emoticon. I can feel the hurt through the phone.”

This throws up some great comedy – like Dillon crying every time he sees a picture of Haley, Phil wanting to be called Vitamin P and the whole running gag with the girl’s sweater which causes a brilliant misunderstanding with Haley.

Jay takes sick

Relegated to the minor storyline this week, Jay enlists Manny to help diagnose an illness. Initially we think it’s to avoid going shopping with Gloria, but it turns out that he’s genuinely ill. The highlight is how Gloria goes from being Colombian-ruthless about how sissy Americans are to wailing about how she kills almost all of her husbands!

I’m wind it up there, folks. Only thing remaining to say is that this has been yet another great episode in a consistently hilarious second season for Modern Family. Are you guys still enjoying it?

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