Modern Family – See You Next Fall – Episode review

Ola muchachos, mi nombre es Gerard! And that’s the extent of my Spanish for this Modern Review. Unlike the comic-legend-in-the-making that is Phil Dunphy…

Moving swiftly along, See You Next Fall was a jam-packed episode of Modern Family, one that again utilised virtually everyone in the cast to great comic effect. Front and center were the Dunphys, with Alex graduating as class valedictorian and planning an epic self-righteous speech about how badly her classmates have treated her. Haley’s trying to talk her into giving a more socially acceptable version of the speech while Phil is trying to make Claire have her emotional breakdown a day early so he won’t miss a trip to Las Vegas with his cheerleading buddies.

Luke, as you might expect, is trying to move objects with his mind.

Elsewhere, Cam and Mitchell are at loggerheads (again?) because Cam managed to fall into the baby’s paddling pool. Eric Stonestreet used every ounce of slapstick in his big-boned body, flailing around trying to get out of the pool! And later on, when he walks into a door twice, all of the Pritchetts laugh uncontrollably at his expense. Didn’t I say that last week, that was a Pritchett family trait?

And Jay tries to reverse time by getting a botched botox job, which makes the side of his face droop visibly throughout the episode. It’s a running theme that everyone thinks he’s having a stroke, until he’s forced to admit the truth.


I loved how Phil was trying to manipulate Claire into having her breakdown. Best moment by far was when she was shouting at Jay and Mitchell caught Phil smiling to himself.

Haley once again comes to Alex’s rescue by telling her to dumb down the speech and drop in lots of empty nonsense like “Don’t stop believin'” and “Get this party started”. Of course, it’s never completely clear whether Haley wants to protect her sister from ridicule or to avoid the knock on embarrassment she might suffer if her sister does something stupid. Still, Alex’s incredulous “Are you serious?” as the crowd cheers her speech was a nice, subtle moment that I enjoyed.

Luke is a total space cadet. He’s also one of my least favourite characters. However, I love that Manny will come along and the contrast between the two children makes for a lot of humour. Especially Manny’s realisation that in two years’ time, it may not be both of them gradtuating.

Mitchell’s been very hard to live with this last few weeks. I can’t help but wonder if the producers are trying to throw a spanner in the works of his relationship with Cam and play off some marital strife.

Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen falling down that grass slope was a sight to behold, wasn’t it? So awkward and uncomfortable. I wonder if it would have been slightly better if they’d been watched by everybody as they rolled down – in silence – and then Alex could have started her speech.

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